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Strategy Analytics: Single-mode LTE Set to Grow, Serving IoT

by Andrew Brown | Oct 08, 2015

LTE M2M Devices to Reach 500 Million Units Shipping in 2020

Boston, MA - October 07, 2015 – Demand for M2M modules, gateways and other devices using single-mode LTE radio chipsets from Altair Semiconductor, Sequans Communications and other suppliers will increase dramatically over the next five years, driven by demand for Internet of Things connected devices not tethered to wired networks.

The Strategy Analytics RF & Wireless Components report, “Single Mode LTE Forecast,” predicts more than a 50-fold increase in unit shipments of single-mode LTE devices through 2020 compared to shipments in 2014.  The report details historical and projected single mode shipments by application and LTE category.

According to Christopher Taylor, author of the report, “Single mode LTE Cat. 2 and above data rate chipsets will ship into the bulk of devices through 2020, but lower-priced LTE Cat. 1, Cat. 0 and MTC chipsets will find ready adopters, supporting demand in less data-rate sensitive applications.”

Andrew Brown, Director of the Strategy Analytics Internet of Things Strategies service added that “The top tier suppliers of M2M modules and gateways including Sierra Wireless, Telit and Gemalto are moving rapidly to 4G.  Today most devices employ multimode LTE, but the need for narrowband in IoT applications remains strong, which combined with the 2G sunset in the US and the ramp in low power wide area networks (LPWA) from vendors like SigFox will see single mode LTE accelerate as concerns about LTE coverage diminish.”  The report includes information on more than 100 M2M module and device suppliers expected to move to single-mode LTE.

The report, supplied in EXCEL format, provides details of single-mode LTE unit shipments of M2M devices including LTE routers, portable external modems, tablets, embedded notebooks, handsets and wireless local loop consoles.


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