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Device Benchmark: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

by Monica Wong | Jul 06, 2015


Fast Charging and Quick Launch Camera Are Stand-out Features    


Boston, MA – July, 6 2015 – A new user evaluation from the Mobile Device UX group at Strategy Analytics ( benchmarking the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge found that this smartphone performed well across most core tasks, with participants having high levels of satisfaction for the majority of features. The Galaxy S6 Edge was seen as leading edge and unique, receiving high ratings for display brightness, weight, visual appeal and build quality. However, some found the phone to have poor size and spacing between keys, while others questioned the screen’s durability. 

Previous research from Strategy Analytics’ has shown that consumers are looking for a large display for their next smartphone, while still being able to use the phone comfortably with one hand. While the Galaxy S5 had been described as “a bit too wide”, the Galaxy S6 Edge (Exhibit 1) received considerably higher ratings for ‘fit in hand’, due to the dual curved edges fitting nicely while still having a large display. Though Samsung has accomplished designing a screen size that is large yet comfortable in hand, it is imperative to have the keys adequately spaced out to reduce inputting errors when typing.

Exhibit 1: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

2015-07-06 MDX Galaxy S6 Edge

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Monica Wong, report author and analyst commented, “Fast charging is a standout feature for the Galaxy S6 Edge, with many consumers referring to it as “useful” and “convenient”; while the wireless charging feature was seen as “hassle free”. As cameras have also recently been shown to be the most used on-device feature and a consumer’s number one feature purchase priority, the quick launch camera is another stand out feature.”

Paul Brown, Director, Mobile Device UX, added “The Edge specific features (People Edge, Information Stream and Night Clock) were also all well received by participants, and add a level of innovation and uniqueness to the Galaxy S6 Edge.”



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