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Device Benchmark: Roku 3

by Taryn Tulay | Jul 03, 2015


Stand-out Search Features Still Require Visually Appealing & Clean UI  



Boston, MA – July 3, 2015 – With the abundant amount of connected media devices on the market today, it is imperative that manufacturers provide standout, value-added features that are unavailable with other connected media devices. A new consumer evaluation from the Connected Home UX group at Strategy Analytics ( benchmarking the Roku 3, has found that this streaming media device provides just that – an unbeatable search feature when comparing it with other connected media devices on the market today. But is that enough to sway the consumer to purchase?

Overall, Strategy Analytics found that the Roku 3 (Exhibit 1) provides a simplified user interface (UI) that is easy to navigate. The option to customize the theme of the UI as well as the ability to modify the order in which the ‘Channels’ appear on the homescreen are considered great value-added features that allow users to personalize their device to their individual interests. In addition, the inclusion of the unbiased and comprehensive search feature, a Wi-Fi Direct remote, Roku Feed, the Roku App, and a headphone jack (features unavailable on competitor devices), were also found to be highly valued by consumers.

Exhibit 1 Roku 3

2015-07-03 CHX Roku 3 PR Image

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Taryn Tulay, report author and senior analyst commented, “When it comes to the discovery of content, the Roku 3 has excelled in providing a seamless search for movies, TV shows and actors/directors by providing results from the top streaming channels (e.g. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.), including on demand content from pay TV providers. This makes it easier for users to discover content available and pricing options they might have overlooked, if required to search each service individually. Without a doubt, consumers will always prefer a seamless and unbiased search.”

Continued Tulay, “However, while the Roku 3 provides the typical apps/services and features available on most connected media devices as well as value-added features unavailable on other devices, consumer expectations of a UI for a streaming device stems from the look and feel of personal devices used on a daily basis (e.g. smartphones or tablets). Unfortunately this quality did not resonate for consumers when using this device; when compared to other connected devices on the market, the UI of the Roku 3 was considered less sleek and polished. The images, graphics and layout used were less visually appealing and more outdated; which could ultimately become a deterrent to adoption of the Roku 3 for some consumers.”

Diane O’Neill, Director, User Experience Innovation Practice, added “Although Roku 3 provides the best seamless search tool to discover content of interest via OTT VOD services, it is still imperative to provide a visually appealing and clean UI, as well as a simple remote that makes the device seem easy to use. Moreover, the need for a compelling UI in addition to stand-out features should not be underestimated by manufacturers of streaming media devices and smart TVs alike.”



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