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Chinese Music Apps Evaluation: NetEase Music Service Most Socialized

by Alvin Wu | Jul 03, 2015


Access to Better Quality Music Is More Persuasive For Consumers To Register  


Boston, MA – July 2, 2015 – As the first step to attract and retain users, mobile music services needs to provide an extremely straightforward process for users to register an account. A recent study by Strategy Analytics ( has found that it is important for music services to provide alternative ways to register. However, rather than restricting the access to certain features (e.g. playlist availability only once logged in), it would be more persuasive to stimulate registering by providing access to better quality music.

  A new report from the Media and Services UX (MSX) group at Strategy Analytics investigated the four main music apps in China - QQ Music, NetEase Music, Baidu Music, and Duomi Music. All four services allow users to stream music online; and then download it to their device for offline use. Overall, NetEase Music provided a better experience in discovering new music that could be of interest to users, in addition to providing a logical interface and socialized services.

Exhibit 1 – Mobile Music Apps in China

Popular Music Apps in China

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Alvin Wu, report author and Analyst commented, “In order to ensure that users are able to easily discover the music that matches their tastes, comprehensive and well organized music categories should be provided. A music style that matches the user’s current mood is also desired by Chinese consumers. NetEase Music provides better music discoverability, not only because of the various playlists created by users or the ease of finding playlists that contains the music the user liked, but also the capability to discover and interact with other users that potentially share the same tastes.”

Christopher Dodge, Associate Director, MSX, added, “Music quality will also become a main driver of app adoption. With more domestic smartphones equipped with dedicated Hi-Fi music chips, lossless music would bring noticeable sound quality improvements on these smartphones. Therefore, Chinese consumers will be more likely to decide which service to use by the availability of lossless music; it becomes increasingly more important for music services in China to improve the availability of high quality music.”


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