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Browsing Top category among Tablets, Social Leads Smartphones

by Bonny Joy | Feb 26, 2015
Strategy Analytics’ AppOptix platform assesses time spent by application categories on Smartphones and Tablets.

Boston, MA - February 25, 2015 - According to Strategy Analytics’ AppOptix Telemetry Intelligence Platform, Tablet users spent the most time on browsing, accounting for a quarter of their total activity. On smartphones, Social media emerges as the top category, which is followed closely by Browsing and Communication.

The analysis is based on over one million individual application sessions from over 3000 panel members in the US. The results are powered by Strategy Analytics’ state-of- the-art Telemetry Intelligence Platform by leveraging three core components – a best-in-class telemetry application, an opt-in panel, and big data analytics framework to support rich analysis.

Additional findings from the study include:
  • As a proportion of total time spent, Smartphone users spend the most time in the evening (5PM - Midnight) and the least in the early morning (0-8 AM) session.
  • Nearly half of the time spent on Tablets is in the evening session, while the least amount of activity is registered during the morning (8-12 PM) session.
Bonny Joy, Chief, Consumer Telemetry Platforms, said:  “Overall, Tablets realize lower activity on a daily basis. Based on 2014 panel data, an average smartphone user spends 155 minutes daily on their device, but for Tablets, the daily activity comes in at 106 minutes.”

Barry Gilbert, Vice President, said: “While Tablets realize lower activity than smartphones across all periods of the day, further examination of the data suggests that for some categories, Tablets score over Smartphones during certain time segments of the day.”

The findings presented in this press release are part of AppOptix use case series. AppOptix use-cases illustrate important emerging trends and insights related to how consumers engage with their mobile devices.  Through the combination of supply-side, demand-side, telemetry data, and deep domain expertise, these use-cases reflect a rigorous, defensible and insightful set of findings that market planners can use to address challenging problems facing their business.

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