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Tesla Provides Best Connected Vehicle User Experience says Strategy Analytics

by Chris Schreiner | May 15, 2014

Tesla Receives Highest Rating among Connected Infotainment Systems in the US, Western Europe, and China


Boston, MA – May 15, 2014 – Tesla provides the most user-friendly connected car experience, according to Strategy Analytics. The Strategy Analytics Automotive Consumer Insights (ACI) service report “Comparing the User Experience of Connected Infotainment Systems” gave the automaker the highest rating among the 19 vehicles evaluated across the US, Western Europe, and China.

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Tesla received its highest ratings for the ease in which consumers can locate connected services, the ease of use for each feature, and how well connectivity is integrated within traditional radio and navigation features.


“While Tesla has received the highest scores for ease of use of any vehicle we have benchmarked, it is not a perfect system,” said Chris Schreiner, Director of UX Innovation at Strategy Analytics. “More embedded features are needed as there is too much reliance on a browser that can be distracting and unwieldy while driving.”


Kevin Nolan, VP of UX Innovation at Strategy Analytics added “In order for other automakers to provide more compelling connected experience, they need a more holistic integration of apps and a well-designed multimodal interface so drivers can safely stay connected while in the car.”