Strategy Analytics Press Releases’s Candy Crush Saga Dominates Total Time Spent on Mobile Games, but neck-and-neck race with Zynga in Total Sessions

by Bonny Joy | Apr 30, 2014
Strategy Analytics' AppOptix sheds insights on usage patterns of major Android game publishers.

Boston, MA – April 30, 2014 – According to the most recent data from Strategy Analytics’ AppOptix platform,, the maker of Candy Crush Saga, is comfortably ahead of others in total time spent on gaming. Across all of its titles, the publisher collectively occupies 26 percent of the total time spent on gaming activities on Android smartphones in the US.

In terms of total sessions, i.e., the number of times the app has been engaged, Zynga with its broad portfolio of 20-plus titles, closes the gap with and comes in at a close second.

The analysis is based on over one million individual gaming sessions across 1200-plus Android smartphone users in the US during Q1 2014.



Despite expanding the saga franchise to additional titles, Candy Crush Saga accounts for more than two-thirds of the activity in the portfolio.

Zynga has just one title – Words With Friends – in the top 10 apps based on time spent however, its vast app portfolio, ranging from Zynga Poker to CastleVille, augments the total gaming sessions as a whole for the publisher.

SuperCells two titles, Hay Day and Clash of Clans have generated significant activity among Android users in its first two quarters since appearing on Android.  Both titles are featured in our top 10 game titles.

Electronic Arts, while its storied console titles such as FIFA and Madden generated interest among core enthusiasts, its pure-play mobile offerings such as “The Simpsons Tapped Out” are the ones that show broad appeal across the user base.

Bonny Joy, Chief, Consumer Telemetry Platforms, said:  “Gaming as a category, occupies 13% of the time spent across all activities in Q1 2014. Based on our analysis, a typical user engages with gaming apps 17 minutes per day.  Our data suggests, the current market dynamics is a zero-sum game, where time spent on a new title is likely to come at the expense of another title.”

Barry Gilbert, Vice President, said: “Unlike other categories such as social and messaging, where a handful of apps completely dominate the segment, the games category is characterized by a fragmented set of apps. AppOptix data suggests publishers are under constant pressure to develop new titles to stay relevant in capturing user attention.

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