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Handset Retail Pricing Portfolios in BRICS Markets

by Steve Entwistle | May 01, 2012
Price Comparison Tool Compares 32,000 Data Points from 188 Handsets

Boston, MA - May 1, 2012 - Applying the Strategy Analytics PriceTRAX online database tool  to examines the difference in Pay As You Go (PAYG) or pre-paid retail handset prices in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) markets shows that smartphone availability and pricing varies wildly by country.  The fast-growing, emerging BRICS markets account for approximately one-third of the global population.

This Strategy Analytics PriceTRAX database is a cellular device intelligence tool which provides weekly retail and mobile operator pricing.  For this report, PriceTRAX data capture included date, country, network and operator, handset OEM, model name, retail price, tariff name, price and contract length—which amounted to 32,000 data points from 188 handsets that appeared in operator portfolios across three or more BRICS countries.  Handset manufacturers targeting these regions and operators in these countries can use this analysis to sharpen their competitive edge.

Stephen Entwistle, Vice President at Strategy Analytics, stated, "The PriceTRAX tool indicates that Brazil had the highest average retail price when taxes were included and that India had the lowest, irrespective of product type, with the remaining BRICS countries jostling for positions in the middle."

"While phone price in Brazil averages a mere 60 percent of the cost of phones in South Africa, it remains that non-smartphones cost approximately one-third of smartphone price in each country, depending on brand and specifications," added Stuart Robinson, Director of the PriceTRAX Intelligence Database.