Strategy Analytics Press Releases

Strategy Analytics: China's Telematics Services Market Shows Rapid Growth
by Kevin Li, Richard Robinson | Oct 21, 2015
Strategy Analytics: Automotive Navigation Market to Grow as Segment Shifts Focus to Autonomous Cars
by Greg Basich, Angelos Lakrintis | Sep 25, 2015
Consumer Willingness to Pay for ADAS Remains Modest as Interest Rises Sharply
by Derek Viita | Jul 21, 2015
Wearables In Automotive: A Solution In Search Of A Problem?
by Derek Viita | Jun 18, 2015
Interest in the Connected Car Rises, While Interest in Paying for it Decreases
by Derek Viita | Jun 10, 2015
Park Assist: Technology May Be Ready for Mass Market but User Experience Is Not
by Derek Viita | Jun 03, 2015
Current Semi-Autonomus Driving Systems Lack Holistic Experiences That Match Real-world Use
by Derick Viita | Jun 02, 2015
Autonomous Features in Current Cars have Confusing User Interfaces
by Derek Viita | May 11, 2015
China’s Tier 1s Improve Their Infotainment Products and Capabilities
by Kevin Li | Feb 05, 2015
Commercial Vehicle OEM Line-Fit Telematics Plans Face Uphill Battle
by Rod Roberts-Dear | Mar 08, 2013
Strategy Analytics Automotive MetrixLive 2.0 Launch Adds Powertrain, Body, Chassis, Safety and Security Comparisons
by Richard Robinson | Apr 25, 2012
Brazil Contran 245 Vehicle Tracking Law Will be Delayed
by Roger Lanctot | Oct 06, 2011
China Domestic Automotive OEMs Target Telematics Market
by David Xu | Jul 25, 2011
China Automotive Aftermarket Telematics Lag Behind OEM-Installed Systems
by David Xu | Jul 20, 2011
China Automotive OEMs Face Telematics Challenges
by David Xu | Jul 19, 2011
Tier One Automotive Infotainment Suppliers Ride the Revenue Wave
by Richard Robinson | Jan 12, 2011
Automotive Displays – High Growth Ahead for the Ultimate ‘Multipurpose’ Device
by Richard Robinson | Dec 01, 2010
Strategy Analytics Launches New Automotive Infotainment Service Coverage Value Chain
by Richard Robinson | Oct 27, 2010
GPS/GSM Based Tolling Opportunities Expanding
by Richard Robinson | Sep 14, 2010