Strategy Analytics Press Releases

Gender Plays Key Role in Smartphone Battery Drain, Says Strategy Analytics
by Barry Gilbert, Bonny Joy | May 25, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Android's Developer Tools Lag Behind Apple and Microsoft
by David Kerr | Nov 11, 2015
Strategy Analytics: Subscription revenue forecast to grow from 3% to 20% of iOS app revenue by 2021
by Joshua Martin | Oct 29, 2015
No Rush to Develop an Apple Watch App
by Josh Martin | Sep 30, 2015
Entertainment apps resonate globally in June but established brands suffer finds Strategy Analytics
by Joshua Martin | Jul 21, 2015
Hotels and Airlines have minimal representation amongst the most popular travel apps finds Strategy Analytics
by Joshua Martin | Jul 16, 2015
Strategy Analytics finds mobile app gaming companies poised for record second half
by Joshua Martin | Jul 09, 2015
Three Painstaking Lessons Airports Must Learn according to Strategy Analytics
by Joshua Martin | Jun 19, 2015
Facebook Building a YouTube of News Publishers
by Adam Thorwart | Jun 10, 2015
Survey Data Predicts Developers may Declare Windows 10 DOA
by Joshua Martin | Jun 09, 2015
The Apple Watch Will Fundamentally Change the Dynamics of the App Market
by Joshua Martin | Apr 22, 2015
New research reveals which app - OpenTable or Yelp – is owned most by travelers
by Joshua Martin | Apr 13, 2015
TripAdvisor: A key for hotel and airline success on mobile
by Joshua Martin | Mar 26, 2015
Expedia Extends Mobile Dominance with its Recent Acquisition Strategy
by Joshua Martin | Mar 12, 2015
Google: The biggest threat in mobile to Hotels and Airlines?
by Joshua Martin | Jan 29, 2015
Kayak, Airbnb and other OTAs threaten to dominate millennial mobile mindshare while airlines and hotels suffer
by Joshua Martin | Jan 22, 2015
Apps Market to Grow to $60 Billion in 2018
by David MacQueen | Aug 15, 2014
Emerging Markets Key to $52 Billion Mobile Broadband PC & Modem Connectivity Market
by Adam Thorwart | May 15, 2014
Nike Sets Pace With Health and Fitness Apps says Strategy Analytics
by Adam Thorwart | May 02, 2014
Samsung Leading in Mobile Payment and Extensive OS Coverage
by David MacQueen | Apr 28, 2014