Strategy Analytics Press Releases

Young People Flock to Block Mobile Ads but Operators Should Stay Away
by Wei Shi, Nitesh Patel | Feb 08, 2017
Strategy Analytics Recommends Mobile Operators Embrace LTE Broadcast Now
by Wei Shi, David Kerr | Jan 09, 2017
P3 Group, Strategy Analytics Team Up to Offer Unique Insights and Analysis of Wireless Customer Behavior
by Alexander Kutana | Dec 06, 2016
Streaming To Account For 95% Of Mobile Music By 2022
by Wei Shi, David Kerr | Sep 29, 2016
Strategy Analytics: China's MVNOs Prepare for Breakthrough 2016
by Guang Yang | Feb 18, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Strong Ambition and Asset Alignment Fundamental to Operator Success in Content Distribution
by David Kerr | Dec 23, 2015
Binge On to Drive Subscribers to T-Mobile US, says Strategy Analytics
by Susan Welsh de Grimaldo | Nov 20, 2015
Publishers face growing dilemma as Internet heavyweights target news publishing
by Wei Shi | Sep 07, 2015
Indoor Location, Advertising and GPS on Entry Tier Handsets to Drive Location Based Services Market says Strategy Analytics
by Nitesh Patel, David Kerr | Aug 12, 2015
Operator Messaging Revenue to Fall 42 Percent by 2021
by Nitesh Patel | Jun 10, 2015
Streaming Behind the $21Bn Mobile Music Market in 2021
by Wei Shi | Feb 04, 2015
Advertising, Payments, Net Neutrality & the Rise of Asian Media Players Globally to Shape the Mobile Media Agenda In 2015
by Nitesh Patel | Dec 22, 2014
Global Mobile NFC Payments to Exceed $130 Billion by 2020
by Nitesh Patel | Dec 17, 2014
Holding The Ground: Sony Mobile Riding on Mother Ship's Strong Media Assets
by Wei Shi | Sep 22, 2014
Mobile Media Revenue to Approach $380 Billion by 2018
by Nitesh Patel | Aug 05, 2014
HERE's Acquisition of Medio Challenges ‘One Map for All’ Approach to Mobile Maps and LBS
by Nitesh Patel | Jun 12, 2014
Home and Away: Chinese Handset Vendors Advancing in Mobile Content and Services says Strategy Analytics
by Wei Shi | Jun 03, 2014
Mobile Tariffs Bundled with Music Drive Mobile Music Usage
by Nitesh Patel | Jun 02, 2014
Emerging Markets, Indoor Location and Advertising to Boost Mobile Location Based Services Market says Strategy Analytics
by Nitesh Patel | Apr 29, 2014
Operator Messaging Revenue to Decline 20 percent by 2017
by Nitesh Patel | Jan 13, 2014