Strategy Analytics Press Releases

Hardware Design Limits Usability of Wearable Devices, Finds Strategy Analytics
by Chris Schreiner, Diane O'Neill | Jan 24, 2018
Strategy Analytics: Xiaomi Becomes World's No.1 Wearables Vendor in Q2 2017
by Steven Waltzer | Aug 03, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Apple Becomes World's No.1 Wearables Vendor in Q1 2017
by | May 04, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Apple Watch Returns Global Smartwatch Shipments to 1 Percent Growth in Q4 2016
by Steven Waltzer | Feb 01, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Wearables Revenues Projected to Grow 31 Percent in 2016 as Smartwatches Lead Value Share
by Cliff Raskind, Steven Waltzer, Neil Mawston, Woody Oh | Jun 22, 2016
STRATEGY ANALYTICS: Apple Watch Slips to 52% Global Smartwatch Marketshare in Q1 2016
by | Apr 28, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive & Sony PlayStation VR Will Dominate $895 Million Virtual Reality Headset Market in 2016 on Just 13% of Unit Shipments
by Cliff Raskind, Steven Waltzer, David Watkins, Neil Mawston, Chirag Upadhyay, Woody Oh, Rajeev Nair | Apr 13, 2016
Les Echos: Strategy Analytics Smart Watches outpace Swiss
by | Feb 22, 2016
Global Smartwatch Shipments Overtake Swiss Watch Shipments in Q4 2015
by Neil Mawston | Feb 18, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Top 3 Smartphone Trends Predicted for 2016
by Cliff Raskind | Nov 24, 2015
Wearables In Automotive: A Solution In Search Of A Problem?
by Derek Viita | Jun 18, 2015
Sponsored Data to Expand Mobile Connectivity to New Consumers, Cars, Wearables, IoT
by Susan Welsh de Grimaldo | Mar 12, 2015
IoT and Wearables Coverage at Strategy Analytics Expands with the Addition of Two Recognized Industry Experts
by David Kerr | Feb 11, 2015