Strategy Analytics Press Releases

Successful Operators Will Embrace $312Bn Enterprise Video Opportunity, Says Strategy Analytics
by Michael Goodman & Brice Longnos | May 01, 2018
Global Video Revenues Hit $70B In 2017, And Are Set For Even Higher Growth, says Strategy Analytics
by Michael Goodman | Mar 06, 2018
250 Million Households Now Pay For Streaming Video Services, Says Strategy Analytics
by | Feb 28, 2018
US Interactive Security: ADT Maintains Top Spot as Comcast Challenges Vivint for Second Place
by William Ablondi | Aug 31, 2017
Pay TV prices driven down by promotional activity says Strategy Analytics
by Edouard Bouffenie | Jun 30, 2017
Pay TV Firms Will Dominate $126B US Video/TV Market In Spite Of Falling Sales
by Michael Goodman, David Mercer | Jun 21, 2017
5G TV Could Become Rival to Cable, Satellite and IPTV, Says Strategy Analytics
by Sue Rudd, Michael Goodman, David Mercer | Feb 06, 2017
HBO Now Beats Netflix in Customer Satisfaction
by Zhaowen Wu, Michaeel Goodman | Jan 19, 2017
APAC to overtake North America as world’s biggest digital ad market
by Michael Goodman | Jul 13, 2016
Global Mobile Media to Approach $425 Billion Says Strategy Analytics
by Nitesh Patel | Sep 08, 2015
Amazon Prime Subscribers More Likely to Use Netflix for Video
by Leika Kawasaki | Apr 08, 2015
Facebook Accounts for Three-quarters of Global Social Network Ad Spend
by Leika Kawasaki | Apr 02, 2015
The Top 10 Advertising Markets Account for Nearly Three- Quarters of Global Advertising Spend
by Leika Kawasaki | Mar 03, 2015
The United States Tops Ad Spending per Capita in 2014 at USD$567 per person
by Leika Kawasaki | Feb 26, 2015
US Ad Spend to Grow 3.2% in 2015 to $186.6 Billion
by Leika Kawasaki | Jan 21, 2015
Streaming Music is Failing to Meet Industry Needs
by Leika Kawasaki | Jan 07, 2015
European OTT Video Market to Reach $9.45 billion by 2018
by Leika Kawasaki | Sep 09, 2014
Global Digital Music Gains Struggle to Offset Declining Physical Music Sales
by Ed Barton | Dec 17, 2013
Netflicked: Pay TV (Finally) Goes OTT
by Ed Barton | Sep 12, 2013
Social and Online Video to Drive Global Online Ad Spend past $100 Billion in 2013
by Leika Kawasaki | Jun 19, 2013