Strategy Analytics Press Releases

Strategy Analytics: Digitalized Indoor Coverage Benefits both Cellular Service Providers and Airport Operators
by Sue Rudd, Guang Yang, Phil Kendall | Jun 02, 2016
Strategy Analytics says NFV Too Risky for Operator Virtual Networking - Virtualize Networks First
by Sue Rudd, Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Guang Yang | Jun 01, 2016
Sue Rudd to Moderate 'Network Evolution in Practice' Panel at MWC 2015
by Sue Rudd | Feb 11, 2015
Better Quality & Pricing Key to World Cup Mobile Video Success
by Sue Rudd | Jun 05, 2014
AT&T’s DirecTV Acquisition Places Major Bet on Proposed FCC Net Neutrality Rules
by Sue Rudd | May 20, 2014
Operators who deploy LTE TDD will increase their Market Value with cost effective faster mobile broadband predicts Strategy Analytics
by Sue Rudd | Mar 13, 2014
OECD Mobile Broadband Price Benchmarking results show users are paying less for services
by Halvor Sannaes | Nov 04, 2013
Strategy Analytics sees Expanding SDN Future for NSN as "mini Ericsson" following Nokia Device Sale to Microsoft
by Sue Rudd | Sep 11, 2013
OECD Mobile Broadband Price Benchmarking results for June 2013 show 4G accounts for 30 percent of all plans, pushing up speeds; prices less so
by Halvor Sannaes | Aug 01, 2013
Could Cisco Take Market Share from Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Huawei, NSN with Ubiquisys Small Cell Acquisition
by Sue Rudd | May 02, 2013
Global Backhaul Investment Gap of $9.2 Billion could increase Customer Churn
by Sue Rudd | Feb 25, 2013
Virtualize to Win - BT, Deutsche Telekom, SingTel, Telstra and Verizon Pioneering Virtualization, Software Defined Networking (SDN) and 'Services at the Edge'
by Sue Rudd | Jan 24, 2013
Small Cell Shipments to Reach 8.6 million units by 2017
by Sue Rudd | Aug 22, 2012
Small Cells and HetNets from Alcatel Lucent, NSN and Ericsson pay off now for 3G Networks
by Sue Rudd | Jul 29, 2012
Mobile Operators Can Monetize the Cloud with Three Network Services
by Sue Rudd | Jun 07, 2012
WiFi Hotspots will be Small Cells in Mobile Broadband Networks by 2015
by Sue Rudd | Mar 07, 2012
New Verizon and Sprint Spectrum Deals match AT&T & T-Mobile
by Sue Rudd | Dec 13, 2011
HSPA+ and LTE Investment Key to Operator Profitability
by Sue Rudd | Nov 29, 2011
4G LTE Mobile Broadband Pricing and Marketing Today Targets Early Upgraders
by Adrienne-Marie Peralta | Oct 04, 2011
Department of Justice may Require AT&T Spectrum Divestment
by Sue Rudd | Sep 07, 2011