Strategy Analytics Press Releases

Strategy Analytics: Identifying Opportunities for a Voice-powered IoT
by Andrew Brown | Dec 13, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Mobile Operators and Microsoft Preferred for IoT
by David Kerr, Andrew Brown, Matt Wilkins, Gina Luk | Oct 10, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Survey Reveals IoT Capturing Less Than 10% of Enterprise IT Budgets
by Andrew Brown | Sep 28, 2017
Strategy Analytics: The Clock is ticking – Are You Ready for GDPR?
by Andrew Brown, Gina Luk | Jul 21, 2017
RCR Wireless News partners with Strategy Analytics to increase Analyst Angle reports and webinars covering topics on 5G, network slicing, SDN, NFV, IoT and network operator developments
by Kyle Welch, Michael McMurray | Jul 13, 2017
U.S. Leads BYOD Implementation, but EU holds back, According to Strategy Analytics’ Latest Enterprise Survey
by Gina Luk, Andrew Brown | Jun 13, 2017
IoT in Healthcare Shows Promise, But Business Case Justification Needs Work
by David Kerr, Chris Ambrosio, Matt Wilkins, Andrew Brown, Gina Luk | May 16, 2017
IoT Reality: Market Value less than $0.5T Globally by 2025
by David Kerr, Harvey Cohen, Chris Ambrosio, Andrew Brown, Matthew Wilkins | Apr 05, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Global IoT Cellular Connections to break through 2.4 Billion in 2025
by Chris Ambrosio, Andrew Brown, Gina Luk | Mar 28, 2017
Strategy Analytics: 5G Use Cases, Autonomous Vehicles, and IoT to star at Mobile World Congress 2017
by Alexander Kutana, Carolyn Bismarck | Feb 20, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Sales of IoT Cellular Modules to exceed 190 million in 2025
by Chris Ambrosio, Andrew Brown, Gina Luk | Feb 16, 2017
Strategy Analytics Reveals IoT 2017 Top Trends
by Chris Ambrosio, Andrew Brown, Gina Luk | Feb 02, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Global Mobile SaaS will Grow from $20.9B in 2016 to Reach $37.9B by 2021, a Growth of 12.7% CAGR Over the Forecast Period
by Gina Luk, Andrew Brown | Jul 22, 2016
IoT Weakens Security With Uncertain Cost Savings, says Strategy Analytics
by Laura DiDio, Andrew Brown | Jul 19, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Intel 2016 IoT Strategy: Targeted, Focused and Formidable
by Andrew Brown | Jun 02, 2016
Strategy Analytics: IoT Market worth Trillions of dollars? - Definition is critical for IT
by Harvey Cohen, Andrew Brown | Jun 01, 2016
Strategy Analytics: IoT 2016 Merger & Acquisition Activity Off to a Fast Start; Already Eclipsing 2015’s Record Run Rate
by Laura DiDio, Andrew Brown, Linda Doliner | Apr 28, 2016
Strategy Analytics: IoT 2016 Security Survey Shows 70% of Firms Spend Little Time Securing Data Assets
by Laura DiDio | Feb 10, 2016
Strategy Analytics Reveals IoT 2016 Top Ten Predictions
by Laura DiDio | Feb 09, 2016
IoT Big Data Analytics Software Revenues to Reach $81 Billion by 2022
by Laura DiDio | Dec 07, 2015