Strategy Analytics Press Releases

Natural Language Voice Assistants and Contextually Aware Systems Crucial for Improving In-vehicle Infotainment Experience, finds Strategy Analytics
by Derek Viita, Diane O'Neill | Jun 22, 2017
Centre Console Touchscreens Crucial for Holistic Integration of Connected Services into Driving Ecosystem
by Derek Viita, Diane O'Neill | Jun 01, 2017
In Ramp Up to Fully Autonomous Systems, the User is being Ignored
by Derek Viita, Diane O’Neill | Apr 04, 2017
User Experience Benchmark: 2017 Honda Civic EX-L with Android Auto and CarPlay
by Derek Viita, Diane O’Neill | Mar 14, 2017
Limited Wi-Fi Plans Offer Little Value Proposition for Consumers in the US and Europe
by Chris Schreiner, Diane O’Neill | Mar 06, 2017
Strategy Analytics Finds Strong Interest in Online Activities for Vehicle Purchasing
by Derek Viita, Diane O'Neill | Feb 21, 2017
Consumer Interest in Telematics for Stolen Vehicle Assistance Remains Strong
by Derek Viita, Diane O’Neill | Feb 16, 2017
Consumers Hesitant to Share Driving Data
by Derek Viita, Kevin Nolan | Nov 30, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Consumers Interested in Self-Learning Navigation for the Car
by Derek Viita, Kevin Nolan | Nov 03, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Consumers Showing Less Interest in Autonomous Driving Systems
by Derek Viita, Kevin Nolan | Sep 15, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Usage of In-Car Voice Control Drops
by Derek Viita, Kevin Nolan | Aug 16, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Consumer Demand for In-Car AM/FM Radio and CD Players Declines to New Lows
by Derek Viita, Kevin Nolan | Jun 23, 2016
Rear-seat Entertainment Options Will Affect Future Car Internet Connectivity
by Derek Viita | Jan 22, 2016
Tesla Autopilot Compelling for First-Time Users
by Derek Viita | Dec 15, 2015
User Experience Benchmark: Ford SYNC3
by Chris Schreiner | Dec 02, 2015
User Experience Benchmark: Qoros Cloud
by Chris Schreiner | Nov 25, 2015
Strategy Analytics User Evaluation: Hyundai Sonata & Android Auto
by Chris Schreiner | Nov 05, 2015
Consumer Interest in Telematics Services Shows Strong Increase
by Derek Viita | Nov 03, 2015
MirrorLink: Strategy Analytics Expert User Evaluation
by Derek Viita | Oct 22, 2015
The Connected Car Must Enhance Consumer Relationship with Vehicle OEMs
by Chris Schreiner | Oct 20, 2015