Strategy Analytics Press Releases

China Zero Emission Vehicle Requirement Mandate Boosts Battery Electric Powertrain Demand
by Kevin Mak, Ed Sanchez, Kevin Li | Oct 26, 2017
New Consumer Wireless Applications Entering Automotive, Prompted By Car Sharing and Smartphones
by | Jul 11, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Global Automotive Growth Sets Stage for ‘Innovation Ignition’ in Israel
by Roger Lanctot | May 03, 2017
Consumers Still Waiting for User-Centric Car-Sharing
by Derek Viita, Diane O’Neill | May 02, 2017
Strategy Analytics Launches a New Automotive Connected Mobility Service
by Richard Robinson, Roger Lanctot, Chris Schreiner | Apr 25, 2017
High Cost and Lack of Infrastructure Limit Fuel Cell Powertrains to Niche Applications
by Kevin Mak, Mark Fitzgerald, Kevin Li | Feb 28, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Automotive Navigation Providers Grappling With Demand for Brought-in Solutions and Advent of Autonomous Driving Technologies
by Greg Basich, Richard Robinson | Feb 21, 2017
Strategy Analytics' Roger Lanctot Wins AUTO Connected Car News’ Tech CARS Award
by Alex Kutana | Feb 13, 2017
Pre-CES Report Predicts Vehicle OEM Announcements
by Mark Fitzgerald, Richard Robinson | Dec 20, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Vehicle Platform Strategies, Standards and New Applications Boost Market Potential For Ethernet
by Kevin Mak, Mark Fitzgerald, Kevin Li | Dec 12, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Euro-NCAP Requirements and Consumer Demand Will Drive Automotive Camera Market
by Kevin Mak, Mark Fitzgerald, Kevin Li | Aug 11, 2016
Strategy Analytics: NXP Tops Automotive Semiconductor Vendor Rankings
by Chris Webber, Mark Fitzgerald, Linda Doliner | May 02, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Semi-Autonomous Vehicles Provide Impetus To Interior Camera Driver Monitoring
by Kevin Mak, Mark Fitzgerald, Kevin Li | Apr 07, 2016