Strategy Analytics Press Releases

HBO Now Beats Netflix in Customer Satisfaction
by Zhaowen Wu, Michaeel Goodman | Jan 19, 2017
Top 2017 Enterprise Mobility Predictions
by Gina Luk, Andrew Brown | Jan 17, 2017
Strategy Analytics Recommends Mobile Operators Embrace LTE Broadcast Now
by Wei Shi, David Kerr | Jan 09, 2017
Exciting Times for CATV/Broadband Market, but RF Revenue will Remain Flat
by Eric Higham, Asif Anwar | Jan 04, 2017
Q3 2016 Business Smartphone Shipments Continue to be Strong, But Tablet Sales Suffer Again
by Gina Luk, Andrew Brown | Dec 21, 2016
Pre-CES Report Predicts Vehicle OEM Announcements
by Mark Fitzgerald, Richard Robinson | Dec 20, 2016
Top Ten Digital Media Predictions for 2017 according to Strategy Analytics
by Michael Goodman | Dec 19, 2016
Service Robot Sales to reach 34 million by 2022
by Ville-Petteri Ukonaho, Ken Hyers, Neil Mawston | Dec 15, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Games and Education Top VR App Categories
by David MacQueen, Adam Thorwart | Dec 13, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Vehicle Platform Strategies, Standards and New Applications Boost Market Potential For Ethernet
by Kevin Mak, Mark Fitzgerald, Kevin Li | Dec 12, 2016
P3 Group, Strategy Analytics Team Up to Offer Unique Insights and Analysis of Wireless Customer Behavior
by Alexander Kutana | Dec 06, 2016
Slate Tablet Market Share to Fall Below 75% in 2020 as Productivity Trumps Entertainment
by | Dec 06, 2016
Consumers Hesitant to Share Driving Data
by Derek Viita, Kevin Nolan | Nov 30, 2016
Military Radar Market Growth Accelerating towards $20 Billion, says Strategy Analytics
by Asif Anwar, Eric Higham | Nov 28, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Apple Captures Record 91 Percent Share of Global Smartphone Profits in Q3 2016
by | Nov 22, 2016
Growing Dependence on Mobile LBS Fueled By Mobility Apps and Rising GPS-Handset Penetration
by Nitesh Patel, David Kerr | Nov 14, 2016
Arrival Of High Dynamic Range TV Highlights Artistic Intent Challenges
by David Mercer | Nov 10, 2016
The Global Mobile Workforce is Set to Increase to 1.87 Billion People in 2022, Accounting for 42.5% of the Global Workforce
by Gina Luk, Andrew Brown | Nov 09, 2016
The Mobile Enterprise Business Applications Market will Grow to $128.2 billion by 2022
by Gina Luk, Andrew Brown | Nov 08, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Consumers Interested in Self-Learning Navigation for the Car
by Derek Viita, Kevin Nolan | Nov 03, 2016