Strategy Analytics Press Releases

Strategy Analytics: 5G to reach 690M Connections and 300M Handset Shipments by 2025
by Phil Kendall, Ville-Petteri Ukonaho | Aug 23, 2016
Strategy Analytics: 44% of Indian Smartphone owners likely to replace device in next 6 months
by | Aug 19, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Despite Consolidation, GaN Device Supply Chain Remains Robust
by Eric Higham, Asif Anwar | Aug 17, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Usage of In-Car Voice Control Drops
by Derek Viita, Kevin Nolan | Aug 16, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Euro-NCAP Requirements and Consumer Demand Will Drive Automotive Camera Market
by Kevin Mak, Mark Fitzgerald, Kevin Li | Aug 11, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Android Captures Record 97 Percent Smartphone Marketshare in India in Q2 2016
by Neil Mawston, Rajeev Nair, Woody OH | Aug 05, 2016
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Was World's Top-Selling Android Smartphone in H1 2016, says Strategy Analytics
by | Aug 01, 2016
Tablet Market Stabilizing as ASPs climb 9% in Q2 2016, says Strategy Analytics
by Eric Smith, Peter King | Jul 29, 2016
Strategy Analytics: China Smartphone Shipments Grow 4 Percent in Q2 2016
by Linda Sui | Jul 28, 2016
Strategy Analytics: UK Multiplay Bundle Subscriptions Driving Revenue Growth
by Jason Blackwell, David Mercer, Josie Sephton | Jul 28, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Global Smartphone Shipments Grow 1 Percent in Q2 2016
by Neil Mawston, Linda Sui, Woody Oh | Jul 28, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Global Mobile SaaS will Grow from $20.9B in 2016 to Reach $37.9B by 2021, a Growth of 12.7% CAGR Over the Forecast Period
by Gina Luk, Andrew Brown | Jul 22, 2016
IoT Weakens Security With Uncertain Cost Savings, says Strategy Analytics
by Laura DiDio, Andrew Brown | Jul 19, 2016
5G Opens Doors for New Disruptive Market Leaders, says Strategy Analytic
by Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Sue Rudd, Guang Yang, Phil Kendall | Jul 14, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Pay TV prices remain stable in most countries.
by Halvor Sannæs | Jul 14, 2016
APAC to overtake North America as world’s biggest digital ad market
by Michael Goodman | Jul 13, 2016
Mobile Video Revenue to Reach $25 Billion by 2021
by Wei Shi, David Kerr | Jul 05, 2016
Strategy Analytics: LTE Driving PA, Switch and Filter Modules to New Heights
by Christopher Taylor, Stephen Entwistle | Jun 29, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Consumer Demand for In-Car AM/FM Radio and CD Players Declines to New Lows
by Derek Viita, Kevin Nolan | Jun 23, 2016
Strategy Analytics: Wearables Revenues Projected to Grow 31 Percent in 2016 as Smartwatches Lead Value Share
by Cliff Raskind, Steven Waltzer, Neil Mawston, Woody Oh | Jun 22, 2016