Strategy Analytics Press Releases

Samsung Galaxy S8 Becomes World's Best-Selling Android Smartphone in Q2 2017
by | Aug 16, 2017
50.4% of Consumers Use Their Personal Smartphones to Conduct Business, Finds Strategy Analytics
by Prabhat Agarwal | Aug 15, 2017
VR 'Try before You Buy' Use Case Most Compelling finds Strategy Analytics
by Chris Schreiner | Aug 08, 2017
Improved Natural Language Processing will Bring Voice HMI to New Levels, says Strategy Analytics
by Chris Dodge, Diane O'Neill | Aug 03, 2017
Can Industry Players Duplicate Apple and Huawei Tablet Success?
by Eric Smith, Peter King | Aug 03, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Xiaomi Becomes World's No.1 Wearables Vendor in Q2 2017
by Steven Waltzer | Aug 03, 2017
Digital Assistants: Vendor Optimism Should be Tempered by Consumer Uncertainties says Strategy Analytics
by David Watkins | Aug 02, 2017
Digital Music Overtaking In-Vehicle Infotainment, says Strategy Analytics
by Derek Viita | Aug 02, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Xiaomi Soars as Global Smartphone Shipments Hit 360 Million in Q2 2017
by | Aug 02, 2017
Advanced Human-Machine Interface Options Increasing in Purchase Decision Importance, Says Strategy Analytics
by Chris Schreiner, Diane O'Neill | Jul 25, 2017
Strategy Analytics: The Clock is ticking – Are You Ready for GDPR?
by Andrew Brown, Gina Luk | Jul 21, 2017
Multi-purpose Robots Most Valuable to Consumers, says Strategy Analytics
by | Jul 20, 2017
Solid State Designs To Emerge In High Resolution LiDARs
by Ed Sanchez, Kevin Mak, Kevin Li | Jul 19, 2017
RCR Wireless News partners with Strategy Analytics to increase Analyst Angle reports and webinars covering topics on 5G, network slicing, SDN, NFV, IoT and network operator developments
by Kyle Welch, Michael McMurray | Jul 13, 2017
Which High Power RF Transmitter Technologies will Take Advantage of the Commercial Radar Opportunity?
by Asif Anwar, Eric Higham | Jul 11, 2017
New Consumer Wireless Applications Entering Automotive, Prompted By Car Sharing and Smartphones
by | Jul 11, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S8 Becomes New Highest Rated Smartphone in US
by Adam Thorwart | Jul 05, 2017
Pay TV prices driven down by promotional activity says Strategy Analytics
by Edouard Bouffenie | Jun 30, 2017
Natural Language Voice Assistants and Contextually Aware Systems Crucial for Improving In-vehicle Infotainment Experience, finds Strategy Analytics
by Derek Viita, Diane O'Neill | Jun 22, 2017
Pay TV Firms Will Dominate $126B US Video/TV Market In Spite Of Falling Sales
by Michael Goodman, David Mercer | Jun 21, 2017