Strategy Analytics Press Releases

Strategy Analytics: Global IoT Cellular Connections to break through 2.4 Billion in 2025
by Chris Ambrosio, Andrew Brown, Gina Luk | Mar 28, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Image Quality & Clarity Important to Avid Camera Phone Users
by Chris Schreiner, Diane O'Neill | Mar 22, 2017
Strategy Analytics: PlayStation VR Customer Sentiment Analysis Shows Device Delights Consumers
by David MacQueen, David Kerr | Mar 20, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Smartphone Size Preference Remains Stable at 5.0 to 5.3 Inches
by Paul Brown, Diane O'Neill | Mar 20, 2017
Strategy Analytics on VR: Current VR Experiences Lack Context Required for Real Engagement
by Chris Schreiner, Diane O'Neill | Mar 16, 2017
User Experience Benchmark: 2017 Honda Civic EX-L with Android Auto and CarPlay
by Derek Viita, Diane O’Neill | Mar 14, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Chinese Consumers Watch Longer-Length Content on Smartphones
by Chris Schreiner, Diane O'Neill | Mar 09, 2017
User Experience Benchmark: 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class
by Derek Viita, Diane O’Neill | Mar 08, 2017
Strategy Analytics' User Experience Team on MWC 2017: Iteration over UX Innovation
by Chris Schreiner, Diane O'Neill | Mar 07, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Amazon’s Alexa Takes 88% Of Global Intelligent Home Speaker Market in Q4 2016
by Bill Ablondi, David Watkins | Mar 07, 2017
Limited Wi-Fi Plans Offer Little Value Proposition for Consumers in the US and Europe
by Chris Schreiner, Diane O’Neill | Mar 06, 2017
Strategy Analytics: RF Compound Semiconductor Revenue Will Grow to $11 Billion by 2021
by Eric Higham, Asif Anwar | Mar 02, 2017
Multi-SIM Hotspots Provide Opportunity for Improved Tethering Experience
by Mathew Alton, Diane O'Neill | Mar 01, 2017
Global Consumer Smart Home Spending to Grow to $158 Billion by 2022; Up from $76 Billion in 2016
by Bill Ablondi, Joe Branca, David Watkins | Feb 28, 2017
High Cost and Lack of Infrastructure Limit Fuel Cell Powertrains to Niche Applications
by Kevin Mak, Mark Fitzgerald, Kevin Li | Feb 28, 2017
Next Gen TV: Screen Quality, Size, and Reliability are Main Purchasing Factors in the US
by Taryn Tulay, Diane O'Neill | Feb 28, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Intelligent Home Speakers to Challenge Smartphones in Home of the Future
by Bill Ablondi, David Watkins | Feb 27, 2017
ItsOn and STC's Jawwy Lead Digital Engagement, says Strategy Analytics
by Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Phil Kendall | Feb 23, 2017
Strategy Analytics Press Release: Strategy Analytics Introduces User Experience Strategies (UXS) Service
by Chris Schreiner, Diane O'Neill | Feb 22, 2017
Strategy Analytics: Automotive Navigation Providers Grappling With Demand for Brought-in Solutions and Advent of Autonomous Driving Technologies
by Greg Basich, Richard Robinson | Feb 21, 2017