Covid-19 is the largest global disrupter we've seen in generations. In times of uncertainty comes opportunity, which means winners and losers. What will it mean for your company? How are your users and consumers changing their behavior? And just what will the post-coronavirus market landscape look like? Find all our latest research in one place.


Webinar Replay: COVID-19 Tracking Changing Consumer Behaviors and Implications for Brands in US, UK and China

Strategy Analytics shares our analysis and insights on the changing consumer attitudes and expectations about covid-19 impact on consumer life and technology purchases. Additionally, we evaluate how users perceptions of key brand groups have changed in the US, UK and China based on how they have handled the pandemic. Two waves of online surveys with national representative samples of adults were conducted March 21-24 and April 21-25.

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COVID-19 Tracking Changing Consumer Behaviors and Implications for Brands in US, UK and China

How are consumers reacting to the COVID-19 crisis. Strategy Analytics carried out research in the US, UK, and China. Two waves of online surveys with national representative samples of adults were conducted March 21-24 and April 21-25 with these goals.

  • Understand awareness and attitudes towards COVID-19
  • Understand changing work, life and leisure activities
  • Capture consumer expectations on a return to normalcy
  • Determine the impact of COVID-19 on future purchase cycle for new devices
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Measuring the Path of the COVID-19 Recession

This report benchmarks the impact of the COVID-19 recession so far and looks forward to Q2 and the full year in terms of the potential impacts on the smartphone market. We explore the significant decline in units sold seen in China, roadmap where the US market will go in Q1 and Q2.

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COVID-19 Catalyst for Economic Disruption

Strategy Analytics clients are facing turbulent economies around the world being driven by the COVID-19 virus and the policies being implemented to control it.

Strategy Analytics has synthesized the inputs from a wide range of sources and developed scenarios to address the range of outcomes, the risks, and often the opportunities that may emerge. This report presents both a Deep U curve recovery and a more pessimistic Deep U XL (extended length) curve and details the expected impact on global and regional GDP growth.

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Covid-19 Research

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COVID-19: Long-Term Impacts of the Pandemic on UX
examines the likely long-term impact of the pandemic on consumer purchasing preferences, their usage of applications and services, and HMI preferences. User Experience Strategies (UXS) COVID-19: Long-Term Impacts of the Pandemic on UX User Experience Strategies

Report | 19/03/2020 Chris Schreiner | UX Innovation

Mobility Market Outlook in a Covid-19 World (Session 1)
The Covid-19 coronavirus is disrupting global technology supply chains and has caused the cancellation of the wireless industry’s flagship event, Mobile World Congress 2020. Join Strategy Analytics to learn about the most important announcements from the show that never was and hear how industry players should adjust plans for 2020 given the

Report | 04/03/2020 Phil Kendall | Buyer Research

COVID-19 Impact Assessment on B2B Mobile Devices Market and Businesses Globally
Mobile Workforce March 2020 Gina Luk;Andrew Brown Tel: +44 1908 423 632 / 630 Email: Report Snapshot The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on Wednesday 11th March 2020. The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, has caused panic among

Report | 13/03/2020 Gina Luk | Buyer Research

COVID-19 and VR: Remote Working Tools Help Businesses and Employees Cope
With the increased restrictions in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and workers globally have been turning to remote working tools to maintain productivity in a rapidly changing environment. Conventional tools, such as Microsoft’s Teams, have seen sizable increases in uptake. Teams had 20m users at the end of November 2019, but

Blog | 02/04/2020 David MacQueen | Media & Services

China Smartphone: Consumer Purchase Intentions Post Covid-19
Smartphones April 2020 David Kerr Tel: +1 617 614 0720 Email: China is emerging from the Covid-19 crisis ahead of the rest of the world with supply chains significantly back up to speed, employees in place, retail stores reopening. The supply side is ramped up

Report | 03/04/2020 David Kerr | Buyer Research

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Reaction Spreads through Mobile Computing Industry
Tablets and PCs February 2020 Eric Smith Tel: +1 617 614 0752 Email: Report Snapshot The GSMA just cancelled Mobile World Congress 2020 over contagion fears of the coronavirus (COVID-19). It remains to be seen whether counter-measures and global reactions are

Report | 13/02/2020 Eric Smith | Devices

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Reaction Spreads through Mobile Computing Industry
It remains to be seen whether travel restrictions, extended Lunar New Year holidays, and quarantines are simply fear and panic or prudent public health policy, but one thing is certain: the reaction to coronavirus (COVID-19) is negatively affecting the mobile computing market. The GSMA has officially cancelled Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2020

Blog | 13/02/2020 Eric Smith

Advertising Forecast; Americas (North America & Latin America)
) Market Data   Advertising expenditures are closely related to the economic health of a given country or region, as measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With both North American and Latin American economies being hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 ad spend fell dramatically in both regions. North American ad spend declined by 5.4% to $240.1B

Report | 12/02/2021 Michael Goodman | Media & Services

Uber Pushes Array of Programs to Rebuild Business
Connected Mobility September 2020 Roger Lanctot Tel: +1 617-614-0714 Email: The onset of COVID-19 has been a severe test of the ride hailing industry’s resiliency. As the poster child for the industry, all eyes have turned to Uber. In response to this COVID-19

Report | 29/09/2020 Roger Lanctot | Automotive

Automotive System Demand 2019 to 2028: Semiconductor Supply Issues Threaten Pace of COVID Recovery
Powertrain Body Chassis & Safety Automotive System Demand 2019 to 2028: Semiconductor Supply Issues Threaten Pace of COVID Recovery 29 April 2021 Report Snapshot This year’s update is dominated by the recovery from the COVID-19 global pandemic and the impact of shortages of key automotive semiconductors. Most risk

Report | 29/04/2021 Ian Riches | Automotive

CV-19 Consumer Actions,Attitudes and Behavior Changes in China, UK, and US
COVID-19 Consumer Actions,Attitudes and Behavior Changes Copyright© Strategy Analytics 2020 1 China, US and UK Consumers Speak Preliminary Analysis STRATEGY ANALYTICS STRATEGY ANALYTICS • Familiarity with COVID-19 4 • Trusted Information Sources 7 • Actions Taken to Protect & Prepare 10 • Changing Behaviors

Report | 03/04/2020 David Kerr | Buyer Research

Smart Home Market Update: July 2020
2 Copyright© Strategy Analytics, Inc. 3 3 Strategy Analytics: Focus on the Intelligent Home 3 4 Key Trends in the 2020 Smart Home Market Impact of COVID-19 on the Smart Home Market: Scenarios to Consider Consumer Insights Excerpts from COVID-19 Consumer Behavior Tracking (March, April, May 2020) Trends in Attitudes about COVID-19

Report | 14/07/2020 William Ablondi | Devices

Global Smart Speaker and Smart Display Vendor & OS Value Market Share by Region: Q1 2022
Data   Amazon led all smart speaker device companies yet again in Q1 2022, claiming an estimated 31% of the total market’s value, more than Google (second, at 16%) and Apple (third, at 14%) combined. Supply chain woes and a myriad of challenges from unprecedented and unexpected surges in COVID-19 throughout China hit China's Baidu (9%), Alibaba (7

Report | 02/06/2022 Jack Narcotta | Devices

Tablet Customer & Channel Type Shipment and Installed Base Forecast by Region 2010-2026: H2 21 Update
of this report is expressly forbidden without the prior written permission of Strategy Analytics. 2021 Market Data   The spread of COVID-19 has made work/learn-from-home an urgent necessity in many industries. In 2020, demand reached new highs for mobile computing devices to get work done away from the office or classroom. Questions remain

Report | 08/10/2021 Eric Smith | Devices

Main Data Tables - Automotive Electronics System Demand - July 2021
automotive electronic systems was worth $251 billion, down by 10% over the value in 2019. However, the fall in system demand was substantially less than that of global vehicle production, which is now understood to have fallen by 15.9% in 2019, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Production fell in every region. China performed best, with

Report | 19/07/2021 Ian Riches | Automotive


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