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  • Netherlands - KPN refreshes Dutch Tariffs

    by Johanna Helgadottir | Mar 08, 2011
    On 7 March, KPN introduced two new tariffs for mobile internet users, as well as a new range of basic plans. Personal SIM iPhone comprises eight bundles of betw... ...
  • TCO - February Tariff Changes and Trends

    by Johanna Helgadottir | Mar 08, 2011
    The mobile tariff market changes every month and the operators are trying to be imaginative in their quest to entice new subscribers as well as how they can kee... ...
  • T-Mobile Austria Introduces Hit Germany Plan

    by Johanna Helgadottir | Mar 03, 2011
      T-Mobile Austria has introduced the a new plan Hit Germany, the plan is aimed at users who contact Germany frequently and is also available as a SIM only... ...
  • Confused by mobile pricing - join the club

    by Josie Sephton | Feb 07, 2011
    It is difficult to tell whether dazzling array of choice in mobile tariffs is designed to empower users, allowing them to tailor their package precisely to thei... ...
  • Single data plans - keeping it all together

    by Josie Sephton | Feb 02, 2011
    Our appetite to be contactable and to access information while on the go, be it with streamed media, email or just simple voice, has grown exponentially over th... ...
  • Mobile data pricing - bucking the downward trend

    by Josie Sephton | Jan 28, 2011
    If anyone thinks that pricing always trends downwards as competition intensifies, they obviously aren't tracking mobile broadband. A cursory glance at the news ... ...
  • UK mobile data pricing - clear as mud?

    by Josie Sephton | Jan 14, 2011
    If you want clarity around mobile data pricing, it seems that the UK is not the place to be at the moment. Following the general path that many operators seem t... ...
  • Norway – Telenor Launches iPad Tariffs

    by Johanna Helgadottir | Dec 01, 2010
    The Norwegian incumbent, Telenor, has launched iPad tariffs for both residential and business customers. For residential customers there are two options ... ...
  • Austria – 3 Austria to start offering iPhone 4 with 3Superphone Tariffs

    by Johanna Helgadottir | Nov 24, 2010
    3 Austria is going to start selling iPhone 4 on 29th November and will then launch its 3 Superphone tariffs for iPhone 4. Customers can start registering their ... ...
  • USA – Verizon Offers Fastest FiOS Internet Speed

    by Johanna Helgadottir | Nov 23, 2010
    The US telecoms giant is now offering the fastest mass-market fibre optics service (FiOS) broadband package. The new service delivers download speeds of 150Mbit... ...
  • Greece – Cosmote Revamps its Postpaid Offer

    by Johanna Helgadottir | Nov 18, 2010
      The Greek mobile operator has made substantial changes to its post paid offerings. As a part of this revamp a new range of tariffs, Cosmote Unlimited, h... ...
  • Switzerland – Swisscom Launches New Tripleplay Packages

    by Johanna Helgadottir | Nov 15, 2010
    The Swiss incumbent has launched three new tripleplay Vivo Casa packages that include Swisscom TV, broadband internet and fixed telephony. Minimum contract leng... ...
  • UK – Tesco Launces Low Cost International Calling Card

    by Johanna Helgadottir | Nov 11, 2010
    The retail giant Tesco has launched a low cost international calling card. The card can be used from both mobiles and landlines and offers cheaper rates to both... ...
  • UK – Ofcom Announces Cheaper Charges for Ending PSTN Contracts

    by Johanna Helgadottir | Jun 17, 2010
    Today Ofcom announced that charges that consumers face for leaving their landline phone contracts early will be cut by as much as 85%. Over the past year and ... ...
  • Greece – Vodafone Offers New Business Data Roaming Plans

    by Johanna Helgadottir | May 21, 2010
    Vodafone Greece has launched two new data roaming plans aimed at Vodafone Mobile Broadband business subscribers. The new plans have been named Monthly Light a... ...
  • UK – TalkTalk and Sky Change Off-peak Time Bands

    by Johanna Helgadottir | May 18, 2010
    The UK based operators TalkTalk and Sky have informed their customers that they are going to change the daytime rate time lasting to 6pm until 7pm. BT already m... ...
  • UK – Vodafone Offers New Roaming Rates

    by Johanna Helgadottir | May 17, 2010
    As of the 15th of June Vodafone will offer new roaming rates. Furthermore, it is to extend its Vodafone Passport service to South Africa during the months of Ju... ...
  • Sweden – Telenor Launches LTE Post-paid Package

    by Johanna Helgadottir | May 14, 2010
    Telenor Sweden has launched a new mobile broadband package aimed at 3G subscribers “Mobilt Bredband FastPrist Premium” who wish to upgrade to LTE (Long Term Evo... ...
  • UK – O2 Home Phone Service

    by Johanna Helgadottir | May 06, 2010
    O2 UK today made its new Home Phone service available to new and existing O2 Broadband customers. O2 is offering two Home Phone packages • Evening and Weekend... ...
  • USA – AT&T Announces Data Plans for iPad

    by Johanna Helgadottir | May 04, 2010
    The US operator AT&T has released the official pricing for international data plans for the iPad. The operator is offering 4 Data Global Add-On packages wit... ...

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