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What you need to know about the digital transformation imperative

by Sue Rudd | Apr 27, 2016

By Sue Rudd, Director, Service Provider Analysis, Strategy Analytics

Digital transformation means many things to many people—but to communication service providers (CSPs) today, it means not only moving to ‘All-IP’ networking and the Cloud, but also digitally transforming their networks and businesses to add value with more customer-centric innovative new services. While most CSPs around the globe appreciate this imperative, many are not sure how to achieve it. To help providers sort through the digital transformation maze, Strategy Analytics just published a new whitepaper that outlines some initial thoughts on the necessary technology and business strategy CSPs must adopt to remain competitive.

180-Degree Shift

Digital transformation requires a 180-degree turn from the traditional service provider approach to allow customers and marketing, rather than technology and networking, to drive services. They need to look at ways to grow revenue not just reduce costs. And CSPs need to deliver more personalized services that puts subscribers in control of their own online experience.

Watch this video to see my roundtable discussion with Nominum executives on this topic.

The diagram below illustrates five critical components that enhance subscriber value as CSPs move to accelerate their position up the digital transformation curve and maintain strong customer loyalty.

Nominum Digital Transformation Curve


DNS for Transformation

DNS is an often overlooked as simply a ‘utility’ platform for IP networking. Although it started as the ‘telephone directory’ for the Internet—matching user requests for application name domains to IP addresses for the requested resources—it can be leveraged to address the digital transformation imperative in a cost-effective way. DNS already resides in the control plane on all provider networks and offers a real-time picture of individual subscribers' online activities and the resources they are requesting.

Top 7 Provider Concerns

With DNS technology like Nominum’s—that powers a large number of provider networks around the globe—CSPs are already addressing several of the top seven capabilities identified by UXP Systems earlier this year at Mobile World Congress as strategically important for digital service experiences:

  • 1. Simplifying the way users on-board to services and manage their services digitally
  • 2. Capturing user-level interaction data for every individual user of services
  • 3. Being able to give each user specific privileges, preferences and access
  • 4. Personalizing self-care and service experience for every individual
  • 5. Having a one-to-one relationship with every subscriber
  • 6. Merging siloed users across different billing, care and service systems 
  • 7. Enabling users to self-manage groups, sub-users and profiles

If you are a service provider struggling to get your arms around digital transformation and how to meet subscribers’ demands for a seamless, personalized experience—no matter where they are and no matter what device they are on—please take a look at the whitepaper. There are also some short, insightful videos that discuss the ins and outs of leveraging DNS for digital transformation and some strong use cases that demonstrate ROI impact. It would be great to hear any comments or questions you have so please feel free to post a comment below.

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