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  • Wireless Transportation Disruption

    by Roger Lanctot | Aug 02, 2021
    One of the toughest tech tasks is adopting a new emerging technology that is fundamentally incompatible with the old. In the realm of connected cars, car m... ...
  • Truckers: A Vital, Vulnerable Economic Lifeline

    by Roger Lanctot | Aug 02, 2021
    We generally don’t think about trucks and truck drivers too much – that is, until an 18-wheeler is creeping up behind us on the highway, or gas stat... ...
  • Pretty Faces @ Uber & Facebook

    by Roger Lanctot | Aug 02, 2021
    “Scott Galloway, a professor of marketing at New York University’s Stern School of Business, compares the Uber chief to Sheryl Sandberg, ‘the ... ...
  • RoadMedic Delivers Emergency Response Data Breakthrough

    by Roger Lanctot | Aug 02, 2021
    Twenty-five years after General Motors launched its OnStar automatic crash notification service, Next Generation 9-1-1 has finally arrived thanks to a company c... ...
  • First AV Reports Due to NHTSA in Two Weeks

    by Roger Lanctot | Aug 02, 2021
    At the end of June, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) published a General Order requiring auto makers and creators of automated vehicle... ...
  • Mobileye's Uncut Gem

    by Roger Lanctot | Aug 02, 2021
    Last week, Mobileye released a 40-minute long unedited video of the company’s camera-only Supervision automated driving system in action on the chaotic ... ...
  • Amazon: Close is Not Enough in Mapping

    by Roger Lanctot | Aug 02, 2021
    A report in The Information highlights multiple circumstances where Amazon trucks are getting stuck on dead end streets after being misled by navigation maps pr... ...
  • Hotz Holds Industry Hostage

    by Roger Lanctot | Aug 02, 2021 held its Comma_con event Saturday to highlight the progress the company had made in its pursuit of developing an open source aftermarket self-driving c... ...
  • Automotive Semiconductor Outlook and the Semiconductor Shortage – an update

    by Asif Anwar | Jul 30, 2021
    Our latest quarterly update of the outlook for automotive semiconductor demand has just been released. Automotive Semiconductor Demand Forecast 2... ...
  • KaiOS Powered Feature Phone Declined 16% YoY in Q2 2021

    by Abhilash Kumar | Jul 30, 2021
    Global KaiOS feature phone market declined 16% YoY and 42% QoQ in Q2 2021. The decline was driven by lack of refreshed portfolio of the KaiOS powered devices. A... ...
  • Huawei Launched 4G-only P50 Series in China

    by Yiwen Wu | Jul 30, 2021
    Huawei launched 4G-only P50 series in China. The new models come with Huawei’s latest camera technology and preload Harmony OS. The starting price of P50 ... ...
  • China Becomes iPhone’s Largest Market

    by Boris Metodiev | Jul 29, 2021
    Apple’s global iPhone shipments beat expectations and grew +15% in Q2 2021, despite supply constraints. Apple expanded in all six global regions in Q2 20... ...

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