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  • Will the 6GHz Band Become the New ‘Golden Band’ for Mobile Broadband?

    by Guang Yang | Feb 22, 2021
    Mid-band enables a good balance of data speed and coverage. On January 15th, the US auction for 280 megahertz of spectrum in the 3.7-3.98 GHz band closed its fi... ...
  • Q4 ’20: HMD Returned to Profit

    by Abhilash Kumar | Feb 22, 2021
    HMD (Nokia) returned to profit for both smartphone and feature phone divisions. This is driven by company redoubling its effort on higher end smartphones which ... ...
  • Apple Took 55% of Global Smartphone Value Share in Q4 2020

    by Linda Sui | Feb 19, 2021
    According to the latest report from our Wireless Smartphone Strategies (WSS) service: VALUE SHARE: Global Smartphone Revenue, ASP and Profit by Vendor by P... ...
  • OPPO A72 is Top 10 Android in France

    by Neil Mawston | Feb 18, 2021
    In a growing sign of OPPO’s influence across the European arena, its midrange A72 model entered the top-ten Android smartphone rankings in France for the ... ...
  • Xiaomi Enters Top-10 Android Phones in UK

    by Neil Mawston | Feb 18, 2021
    New research from our Smartphone Model Tracker (SMT) shows Xiaomi captured 2 of the top 10 bestselling Android smartphone models in the UK during Q4 2020. ... ...
  • Samsung A71 is Top Android Phone in Canada

    by Neil Mawston | Feb 18, 2021
    New research from our Smartphone Model Tracker (SMT) finds the Samsung Galaxy A71 was the no.1 bestselling Android MODEL by shipments and marketshare in Canada ... ...
  • A 5G Phone is No.1 in Germany for First Time Ever

    by Neil Mawston | Feb 18, 2021
    New research from our Smartphone Model Tracker (SMT) shows Apple iPhone 12 was the first 5G model ever to top the smartphone bestseller charts in Germany i... ...
  • Smartphone Instalment Plans in Uganda

    by Neil Mawston | Feb 18, 2021
    We note Airtel Uganda, a carrier, has this month launched its Kwata Essimu credit scheme to allow customers to buy a new smartphone and pay by instalm... ...
  • G&D Brings eSIM Phones to Pakistan

    by Neil Mawston | Feb 18, 2021
    We notice Ufone, a mobile operator, has this month introduced a new eSIM program in Pakistan. This is Pakistan's first-ever eSIM rollout. The launch... ...
  • Introducing Dan Grossman

    by Dan Grossman | Feb 18, 2021
    Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Dan Grossman, and I’m thrilled to join Strategy Analytics. A bit about me: I’m a telecom industry vet... ...
  • RF & Wireless and the Digital Connected Future

    by Chris Taylor | Feb 17, 2021
    The digital connected future will arrive sooner than most of us realize, with difficult to fathom consequences that will depend how we respond as ... ...
  • Chinese Vendor Share Grew 2X+ in Romania in 2020.

    by Rajeev Nair | Feb 17, 2021
    Romanian smartphone market while being stagnant by shipments in 2020 has witnessed strong growth of the Chinese vendors in the last one year. Their combined mar... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 25 - Charting a Decade of UX Innovation in Connected Experiences

    by Chris Schreiner | Feb 16, 2021
    Chris welcomes back Kevin Nolan, VP of UX Innovation at Strategy Analytics, to take a look at the progress that has been made in consumer device UX over the pas... ...
  • From Essential to Nothing

    by Neil Mawston | Feb 16, 2021
    As you may recall, former Android co-founder, Andy Rubin, once launched his Essential smartphone to crazy hype in the US way back in 2017. Essen... ...
  • Pixelworks Pushes into 5G Phones

    by Neil Mawston | Feb 15, 2021
    Pixelworks, of the US, has caught our eye. The processor firm -- famous for improving cinema flicks and home projectors -- is now driving a big push ... ...
  • Facebook to Launch a Smartwatch?

    by Neil Mawston | Feb 15, 2021
    New rumors this month suggest Facebook is developing a 4G or 5G smartwatch. Why might it make a "Facewatch"? What could it look like? Do US consumers care? Wha... ...
  • How Good (or Bad) is Xiaomi Air Charge?

    by Neil Mawston | Feb 15, 2021
    Xiaomi’s new Air Charge box for the home claims to recharge your smartphone battery in open air while on the move. No&... ...
  • Uber Earnings: What Might Have Been

    by Roger Lanctot | Feb 12, 2021
    “I do think that I'm worried about one thing going into the second half of the year is, are we going to have enough drivers to meet the demand that we're ... ...
  • Time to End Pileups

    by Roger Lanctot | Feb 12, 2021
    Two pileups in one day - one in Forth Worth, Texas, and one in Cobb County, Georgia. Enough is enough. We're all familiar with multi-car pileup stories regardle... ...

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