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  • 5G at the Core of the Positioning System in Midea’s Fully Connected Factory

    by Guang Yang | Dec 16, 2021
    Positioning as the most welcomed technology in the "Blooming Cup" Competition The 4th "Blooming Cup" 5G Application Pitch Competition was completed recently, wh... ...
  • Herbert Diess – The Man Behind VW’s Transformation To Electric

    by Kevin Mak | Dec 15, 2021
    On Friday, 10th December, the supervisory board at Volkswagen Group extended the CEO contract of Herbert Diess, the man behind the transformation of the auto gr... ...
  • Wear OS Grabs 15% Smartwatch Revenue Share

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 15, 2021
    New research from SA shows Wear OS by Google grabbed 15% global smartwatch revenue share in Q3 2021, its highest level for years. Wear OS is benefiting from gr... ...
  • BoAt Joins Top-15 Wearables Ranking

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 15, 2021
    BoAt, an Indian firm that makes TWS headphones and smartwatches, is quietly rising up our global wearable rankings. BoAt is already a top-15 global wearables b... ...
  • 4G Smartwatch Sales Grow 30%

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 15, 2021
    Updated research from SA shows global 4G cellular smartwatch shipments grew a healthy +30% YoY in the third quarter of 2021. Cellular smartwatches remain one o... ...
  • Four of Top 5 Phones in India are Xiaomi

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 15, 2021
    Latest research from SA shows 4 of the top-5 bestselling smartphone models in India were made by Xiaomi in Q3 2021. Xiaomi's grip on India remains tight. Its R... ...
  • Xiaomi 10T in No.1 Model in Russia

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 15, 2021
    New research from SA shows Xiaomi's Redmi Note 10T 5G is the no.1 bestselling model in Russia in Q3 2021. Despite its long and clumsy name, the 10T is selling ... ...
  • Honor 50 is China's Top Phone

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 15, 2021
    New research from our Smartphone Model Tracker (SMT) shows the Honor 50 5G smartphone is the no.1 bestselling model in China in Q3 2021. Honor 50 5G has an imp... ...
  • Itel Holds No.1 Phone Spot in Ghana

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 15, 2021
    Ghana is a relatively fast-growing smartphone market in West Africa. It has a young population and rising middle class that wants more advanced 4G and 5G models... ...
  • Vivo is No.1 in Bangladesh Smartphones

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 15, 2021
    New research from SA shows Vivo has become the no.1 smartphone vendor in Bangladesh for the first time ever in Q3 2021. Vivo has overtaken Symphony, Realme and... ...
  • Motorola Makes Comeback in Canada

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 15, 2021
    New research from our Smartphone Country Tracker (CST) shows Motorola is making a surprisingly strong comeback in Canada. Motorola is now the no.3 smartphone b... ...
  • HarmonyOS Phones to Grow 200% in 2022

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 15, 2021
    New research from our Smartphones (WSS) service predicts HarmonyOS smartphone sales will soar over +200% worldwide in 2022. HarmonyOS will be the world's faste... ...
  • Smartphone Displays by Aspect-Ratio

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 15, 2021
    The display is the first thing users see when turning on their smartphone. It also dictates the usability and visual design of the product. Screen quality and a... ...
  • Smartphone Screen Size by Price-Tier

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 15, 2021
    Display size for smartphones worldwide is growing today across all price-tiers, from entry to premium. Taller aspect-ratios are enabling diagonally larger disp... ...
  • Smartphone Sales by Screen Size

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 15, 2021
    Latest research from our Emerging Techs (EDT) service shows 1 in 6 smartphones sold worldwide today still have a main-screen size under 6 inches. There remain ... ...
  • Apple Leads in TWS Revenues with Nearly 50% Share but Competition Intensifies

    by Ville-Petteri Ukonaho | Dec 15, 2021
    Apple is the leader in shipments as well as in revenues, but competition is closing in. Apple is already making more revenue in Q3 2021 with TWS AirPods than th... ...
  • TWS: JBL and Others Will Challenge Apple in 2022

    by Ville-Petteri Ukonaho | Dec 13, 2021
    Apple leads in TWS shipments but rising stars like boAT, JBL and Edifier will challenge the top vendors in 2022. Bluetooth TWS headsets will reach 500 million i... ...
  • As Bluetooth Speaker Sales Grow, Top Regions Change

    by Ken Hyers | Dec 09, 2021
    Bluetooth Speaker sales have grown steadily over the last two decades. From millions to tens of millions in annual sales, to now, hundreds of millions, demand f... ...
  • Leading 5G Operators Outperform Peers with Impressive KPI Growth

    by Philip Kendall | Dec 09, 2021
    Mobile operators globally have advanced 5G services significantly in 2021, with strong and significant growth that has outperformed the early days of 4G. After ... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 67 - Interoperability Issues in Healthcare with Irina Bolychevsky

    by Chris Schreiner | Dec 07, 2021
    Join Lisa as she sits down for a bumper episode of UX Soup with Irina Bolychevsky, (Director of Standards and Interoperability at NHSx) as they talk about the e... ...

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