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  • Uber ATG's Legacy

    by Roger Lanctot | Dec 21, 2020
    Uber Technologies has sold its Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) subsidiary to Aurora Innovation putting its fatally flawed autonomous driving endeavors in the ... ...
  • Xiaomi 8A is India's No.1 Phone Model

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 17, 2020
    New research (here) from our Smartphone Model Tracker (SMT) shows Xiaomi Redmi 8A Dual is India's no.1 bestselling smartphone model in Q3 2020. It cap... ...
  • Just 2 of China's Top Phone Models are Non-Chinese

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 17, 2020
    New research from our Smartphone Model Tracker (SMT) shows just 2 of the top-20 bestselling smartphone MODELS in China today are non-Chinese. Western brands hav... ...
  • Tizen is World's No.2 Smartwatch OS

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 17, 2020
    New research here from our WDE (Wearables) service shows Samsung's Tizen was the world's 2nd largest smartwatch platform by shipments and revenue during Q3 2020... ...
  • Smartwatch Prices Fall 2%

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 17, 2020
    New research from our WDE (Wearables) service shows global smartwatch prices fell -2% YoY during Q3 2020. This is their lowest level for two years. A flood of c... ...
  • Xiaomi is No.3 in UK

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 17, 2020
    In a stunning quarter, Xiaomi cemented its position as the 3rd most popular smartphone brand in the UK during Q3 2020. Its shipments and marketshare have DOUBLE... ...
  • Xiaomi Grabs 6% Phone Share in Germany

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 17, 2020
    New research from our Country Share Tracker (CST) shows Xiaomi jumped to a record 6% share of Germany's mobile handset market in the third quarter of 2020. It i... ...
  • Smartphone Replacement Cycle Will Recover in 2021

    by Boris Metodiev | Dec 17, 2020
    Global smartphone replacement rate reached the peak in 2013, when operator subsidies also reached the record-high level. However, replacement rate has been expe... ...
  • Smartphone Displays: Larger, Brighter, Bendy

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 17, 2020
    Latest research from our Techs (EDT) service finds the vast majority of smartphones sold worldwide today employ a screen larger than 6 inches. Display size is v... ...
  • CES 2021: What to Expect

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 17, 2020
    Tradeshow season is fast approaching. CES is upon us and takes place from January 11 to 14, 2021. The event is 100% online and will be livestreamed daily. We lo... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 21 - 2020 Recap

    by Chris Schreiner | Dec 15, 2020
    In the final UX Soup of 2020, Chris takes a look back at memorable moments and interviews from previous episodes. Thank you to everyone who has been listening t... ...
  • Dara Seeks Jab Priority for Uber Drivers

    by Roger Lanctot | Dec 14, 2020
    Uber's CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has put the word out to individual states in the U.S. seeking prioritization for Uber drivers, who he characterizes appropriately a... ...
  • Mobility Lives! Car Sharing Shines!

    by Roger Lanctot | Dec 14, 2020
    At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic back in the spring of 2020, the outlook for mobility services suddenly turned bleak. Micromobility operators shut down com... ...
  • Nreal and Vodafone bring smartphone-tethered AR to Europe

    by David MacQueen | Dec 11, 2020
    After several companies showed smartphone-tethered AR at CES 2020, I predicted that we'd see that device category take off this year. Although I thought it woul... ...
  • Top Wearable Trends for 2021

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 11, 2020
    Despite a global pandemic, wearables have continued to grow this year. What does next year bring? Will growth re-accelerate? When will Apple intro smartglasses?... ...
  • Xiaomi Smartphone Models Remained Strong in Indonesia and Other Emerging Markets in Q3’20

    by Juha Winter | Dec 09, 2020
    Previously in this blog, we wrote about Xiaomi making phenomenal market share gains in many Western European markets, primarily at the expense of Huawei. Howeve... ...
  • Japan, South Korea and Australia Will Have the Highest Smartphone ASP in 2021

    by Boris Metodiev | Dec 09, 2020
    Global smartphone wholesale (trade) revenues are expected to decrease -9% YoY in 2020, as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic. We expect revenues to reb... ...
  • Apple AirPods Max Go Over-Ear

    by Neil Mawston | Dec 08, 2020
    Apple today launched AirPods Max -- its first over-ear design for Bluetooth headphones. They cost US$549 retail and wil... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 20 - Listener Emails

    by Chris Schreiner | Dec 08, 2020
    We asked you to reach out to us at with your emails, and you did! This week, we answer some of your questions, including our most m... ...

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