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  • Honor 50 5G Joins the $1 Billion Club

    by Neil Mawston | Mar 17, 2022
    New research from our Smartphone Model Tracker (SMT) shows Honor's flagship 50 5G smartphone topped US$1 billion of global revenues by quarter for the first tim... ...
  • Samsung Z Flip 3 is World's No.8 Phone Model

    by Neil Mawston | Mar 17, 2022
    New research from our Smartphone Model Tracker (SMT) shows Samsung's famous Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldable is now the world's 8th bestselling smartphone model by reve... ...
  • ComfoBuds Deliver Tiny TWS ANC Headphones

    by Neil Mawston | Mar 17, 2022
    The 1MORE ComfoBuds Mini, launched this month, claim to be the world’s smallest TWS noise-cancelling earbuds. They are certainly small and light (at 4g) a... ...
  • Apple Dominating the TWS Shipments in 2021

    by Ville-Petteri Ukonaho | Mar 17, 2022
    Apple is still the main vendor in the TWS devices and sets the benchmark for others. To make it in the high- or premium-tier innovation is needed. Feat... ...
  • Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro Headphones

    by Neil Mawston | Mar 17, 2022
    Good to see Xiaomi updating this week its popular TWS range, with the new Buds 3T Pro model. The 3T Pro earbuds are a premium design, priced from US$180 retail... ...

    by Neil Mawston | Mar 17, 2022
    Interesting TWS headphones launch this month from LG. LG's new Tonefree FP9 earbuds come boxed with a UV cleaning case. After listening to music, you pop ... ...
  • Samsung, Xiaomi Had Strongest Mid-Range Smartphone Models Globally in Q4’21

    by Juha Winter | Mar 17, 2022
    Looking at the very high end (US$600+ wholesale price) of the smartphone market globally, Apple had 7 out of the top-10 best-selling models in terms of shipment... ...
  • 5G Device Growth Slows Down in 2022 Due to Geopolitical Situation

    by Ville-Petteri Ukonaho | Mar 16, 2022
    Apple was the undisputed shipment leader in 2021 but Apple’s share is slowly eroding. Apple will keep peak position through strong iPhone sales in 20... ...
  • 50G PON Advances Toward Commercialization

    by Dan Grossman | Mar 16, 2022
    It’s not too soon to update my recent report,  Technology Roadmap for Passive Optical Networks: The Next Step is 50G PON.  A lot has happened si... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 81 - Gaming

    by Chris Schreiner | Mar 15, 2022
    It is long past due that gaming UX is discussed on UX Soup, so Chris rectifies that by welcoming Chirag Upadhyay, who is an industry analyst at Strategy Analyti... ...
  • Israel Post-COVID: Auto Sector Open for Business

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 10, 2022
    With one last unused itinerary in my United Airlines profile from pre-COVID bookings, I opted to pay a visit to the Holy Land – Start-up Nation – Is... ...
  • Stellantis Vaults to Auto Safety Leadership

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 10, 2022
    From being the automotive industry’s poster child for cyber vulnerability after the infamous Jeep hack nearly seven years ago, Stellantis has surged to th... ...
  • Emergency Response Getting Sexy

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 10, 2022
    For 20 years the concept of emergency response has been one of the most tired, uninteresting sectors of the automotive industry. General Motors introduced ... ...
  • Rescuing Crash Notification from 3G Shutoff

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 10, 2022
    Transportation visionary Joni Mitchell captured the 3G shutoff quandary facing the European and U.S. auto industries succinctly in the words of “Big Yello... ...
  • Answers Auto Industry 3G SOS

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 10, 2022
    The 3G shutoff dates for wireless carriers in the U.S. are rapidly approaching with ominous implications for the nascent connected car industry:   Ver... ...
  • GM's Super Duper Cruise

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 10, 2022
    It’s one thing to lead an industry. It’s another to anticipate and meet a new challenge well ahead of competitors in an industry. It&rsquo... ...
  • Zero Credibility

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 10, 2022
    The headline on the embargoed press release from Neural Propulsion Systems this week was promising: “Zero Roadway Deaths Means Seeing Everything Sooner, C... ...
  • Ukraine Invasion Hits Yandex; Is China Next?

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 10, 2022
    In the grand scheme of personal tragedy unfolding in Ukraine and, soon, across Europe in the wake of Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, the woes of ... ...
  • Your Data or Your Life

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 10, 2022
    A Massachusetts Data Access Law for automobiles – overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2020 as an amendment to the State’s existing right-to-repair ... ...
  • NoTraffic at the Crossroads

    by Roger Lanctot | Mar 10, 2022
    The Federal Highway Administration in the U.S. tells us that “each year roughly one–quarter of all traffic fatalities and about one–half of al... ...

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