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  • TCL Leaps to Record 3rd Spot in Canada Smartphones

    by Neil Mawston | Oct 01, 2020
    New research from our Country Share Tracker (CST) service shows TCL-Alcatel soared to a record 3rd place in the valuable Canada smartphone market during th... ...
  • Xiaomi Takes 7% Share of Europe Smartphone Revenue

    by Neil Mawston | Oct 01, 2020
    New research from our Country Share Tracker (CST) service shows Xiaomi captured a record 7% share of all smartphone REVENUE in the valuable Western Europe ... ...
  • Six of World's Top-10 Smartphone Countries are Emerging Markets

    by Neil Mawston | Oct 01, 2020
    The smartphone industry is currently turning its attention to 2021 and a possible recovery next year. Our updated report looks at smartphone sales forecasted b... ...
  • How Much Smartphone Inventory is Out There?

    by Neil Mawston | Oct 01, 2020
    Covid-19 has slammed smartphone demand into reverse this year. How well has industry supply managed the shortfall?. The answer is "surprisingly well"! R... ...
  • Monthly Smartphone Shipments Grew 5% in August

    by Neil Mawston | Oct 01, 2020
    Our latest research shows MONTHLY smartphone shipments grew +5% month-on-month worldwide in August, 2020. Markets across the globe remain volatile, as dema... ...
  • Huawei Extends Lead over Xiaomi in Fitnessbands

    by Neil Mawston | Oct 01, 2020
    Our latest research shows Huawei extended its lead over Xiaomi (and Fitbit) at the top of the global fitnessband market by REVENUE during the first ha... ...
  • Garmin Connect IQ Overtakes Wear OS in Smartwatches

    by Neil Mawston | Oct 01, 2020
    Our updated research shows Garmin Connect IQ overtook Google Wear OS to become the world's 2nd largest smartwatch platform by REVENUE in the firs... ...
  • Vivo Enters the Smartwatch Game

    by Neil Mawston | Oct 01, 2020
    Vivo is launching its first smartwatch in China in Q4 2020. Vivo Watch comes in two sizes, optimized for health or fitness, and differentiated by long battery l... ...
  • Uber's Grim Green Grift

    by Roger Lanctot | Oct 01, 2020
    Uber Technologies won’t be reporting its latest earnings for another month, but when it does so in November the news is not expected to be good. In a... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 10 - Distance Learning: Parents' Perspectives

    by Chris Schreiner | Sep 29, 2020
    In this week's episode, Derek talks with Chris and special guest Christopher Dodge about their children's experiences with distance learning in primary and sec... ...
  • High-End Smartphone Models under Pressure as More Consumers Traded Down in Q2 2020

    by Juha Winter | Sep 28, 2020
    The second quarter of 2020 was another tough one for the smartphone industry globally, as shipments fell by 17% year-on-year and revenue also by 13% YoY. With t... ...
  • Waze Wins with Traffic Porn

    by Roger Lanctot | Sep 28, 2020
    There are two killer apps in the connected car: Traffic and First Notice of Loss. Accurate traffic predictions are essential to routing. First no... ...
  • Google Tackles Quarantine Quandary

    by Roger Lanctot | Sep 28, 2020
    O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us! -- Robert Burns, "To a louse" I live in a COVID-19 ghetto. Due to the recent blunder I ... ...
  • Tesla Teases Nationwide Insurance Expansion

    by Roger Lanctot | Sep 25, 2020
    “We are working super hard on insurance.” – Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk The global automotive industry is a two-headed monster. On the one... ...
  • V2X Overcoming Barriers to Adoption

    by Roger Lanctot | Sep 24, 2020
    Vehicle-to-everything communications will save lives and improve vehicular transportation, but not before multiple barriers to adoption are overcome.  This... ...
  • HMD Global / Nokia Brings its Power Earbuds Stateside

    by Ken Hyers | Sep 23, 2020
    HMD Global, better known as Nokia, announced that it is bringing its Power Earbuds to the USA. The Totally Wireless (TWS) Bluetooth earbuds space, established b... ...
  • UX Soup: Episode 9 - Digital Twin Cities

    by Chris Schreiner | Sep 22, 2020
    In this episode, Lisa talks about use cases for digital twin cities with Dr. Vassilis Charissis, Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at Glasgow Caledonian U... ...
  • The Car Data Monetization Muddle

    by Roger Lanctot | Sep 22, 2020
    Four years ago, this month, McKinsey published a report - "Monetizing Car Data" - which continues to simultaneously haunt and mock the automotive industry. The ... ...

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