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  • IPTV World Forum: Good signs for VOD

    by User Not Found | Mar 12, 2008
    IPTV World Forum’s main conference got off to a bad start today when it kicked off at 9am with hundreds of delegates still locked outside the venue. The chaotic... ...
  • IPTV’s ARPU Challenge

    by User Not Found | Mar 12, 2008
    At the IPTV World Forum today, I chaired a panel during a session on IPTV ARPUs. The preceding presentations had demonstrated how difficult it is to stay focuse... ...
  • IPTV World Forum preview

    by User Not Found | Mar 10, 2008
    This week at London's Olympia we are attending the IPTV World Forum, which has become one of the world's largest events focused on the subject. Last year's even... ...
  • Lower Xbox prices put renewed pressure on PS3

    by User Not Found | Mar 10, 2008
    Widespread rumours of Xbox console price cuts in Europe were confirmed today. The entry level SKU, Arcade, will fall to GBP159.99. The mid-range Pro will sell a... ...
  • Pioneer’s HD-DVD Moment: Plasma Exit Imminent

    by User Not Found | Mar 05, 2008
    News reports today suggest that Pioneer is about to bite the bullet and exit manufacturing of plasma displays. It is in negotiations to have the panels made by ... ...
  • Sony Targets OLED To Regain Panel Leadership

    by User Not Found | Feb 20, 2008
    As if to demonstrate that it was not resting on its laurels after Blu-ray's defeat of HD-DVD, Sony yesterday also announced new investment in OLED technology. T... ...
  • Microsoft Is Last Hope For HD-DVD’s Survival

    by User Not Found | Feb 18, 2008
    As Toshiba considers giving the last rites to the HD-DVD format, the last major objector is likely to be Microsoft. As Strategy Analytics has noted in its resea... ...
  • Digital TV Set-top Box Sales Break 100M Barrier

    by User Not Found | Feb 15, 2008
    Just an advance warning of a release we will be issuing next week on our latest set-top box research. Here is the gist of it: Worldwide sales of digital TV set... ...
  • German HD channels shut down: Is Europe’s HDTV in trouble?

    by User Not Found | Feb 14, 2008
    ProSiebenSat1, one of Germany's leading commercial television broadcasters, will close its two free-to-air HDTV channels (ProSieben and Sat1) from tomorrow morn... ...
  • Will it, Won’t it? The perils of digital airwaves

    by User Not Found | Feb 12, 2008
    The uncertainties of digital terrestrial broadcasting technologies have been highlighted on both sides of the Atlantic in the last couple of days. Survey house ... ...
  • HD on DTT: DTG responds to Ofcom

    by User Not Found | Jan 30, 2008
    At the Westminster eForum's Digital TV seminar today, I spoke on a panel discussing HDTV on the DTT platform. I was lucky enough to be drawn ahead of Dermot Nol... ...
  • Westminster eForum: Digital Dividend and Switchover

    by User Not Found | Jan 30, 2008
    Today in London the Westminster eForum held a seminar assessing the progress of the switchover from analogue to digital terrestrial television and the issues a... ...
  • Nokia hits 40% share: how long can it last?

    by User Not Found | Jan 25, 2008
    It's the classic business dilemma: where do you go when you're number one? And in the case of Nokia, which has dominated the global mobile phone market for near... ...
  • Mitsubishi’s Laser TV: Putting off the inevitable for projection TV

    by User Not Found | Jan 10, 2008
    As promised, on Monday night Mitsubishi announced its new TV technology to great fanfare and accompanied by a very loud soundtrack. It was presented in a rear p... ...
  • Chambers Confirms Cisco’s “Switzerland” Strategy

    by User Not Found | Jan 09, 2008
    I raised my concerns over potential conflicts in Cisco's consumer strategy a few weeks ago. This week I had the opportunity to raise them directly with John Cha... ...
  • Hillcrest Labs: Death of the remote control?

    by User Not Found | Jan 09, 2008
    We spent some time yesterday with Hillcrest Labs's Andy Addis. Hillcrest has been working on improving the TV control experience since the beginning of the deca... ...
  • Microsoft and BT Bring BT Vision To Xbox 360

    by User Not Found | Jan 09, 2008
    Microsoft and BT have confirmed widespread and longstanding rumours that they will enable Xbox 360 owners in the UK to access BT Vision through the console. Det... ...
  • SiBeam TV

    by User Not Found | Jan 06, 2008
  • 060120080982.jpg

    by User Not Found | Jan 06, 2008
  • SiBeam Video Camera

    by User Not Found | Jan 06, 2008

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