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CES 2014: TV trends so far

by David Mercer | Jan 06, 2014

One day in and the key trends in TVs for 2014 are beginning to emerge. 4k was the expected one, and LG did not disappoint, announcing that they would offer 12 UHD models during 2014 from 49-105", including three UHD OLEDs. Panasonic announcements by comparison were rather flat, and the company seemed to be on the defensive after confirming its exit from the plasma business. Rather strangely

, it suggested that it's new 4k LED LED TVs would offer equivalent quality to plasma. Since plasma only ever offered 18th this does not strike me as an example of progress.


The other broad trend of note is in user experience, where voice control and user recognition are becoming widely deployed. Panasonic's 2014 TVs will recognise users as they enter the room and learn viewer interests to make programme recommendations. 

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