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50.4% of Consumers Use Their Device for Business Purposes Offering Tremendous Business Opportunity for B2B Players, indicates research from AppOptix

by User Not Found | Aug 07, 2017

In a survey with over 1,000 respondents from the AppOptix mobile consumer panel, Strategy Analytics found that over half of them use their personal mobile devices to conduct at least some business. The research found that users are taking advantage of file sharing, remote access, and other work related apps when they aren’t at the office. 

Source:  AppOptix, Strategy Analytics

Furthermore, of the 50.4%, when asked about how frequent (% of time in a month) they use their personal cell phone for business, roughly 59% indicated over 25%.  

 Source:  AppOptix, Strategy Analytics

The outcome from this survey suggests tremendous opportunity for B2B companies seeking to understand the scope of business use in the consumer focused smartphone, data, and app space. Key business questions arise from these results, which enable greater analysis and knowledge of how and what to offer these business users disguised at consumers, including:

- What is the profile of these business users?
- What devices do these users own that allow for potential pricing upside?
- What business apps are installed and used that portrays and qualifies for a business user?

The survey was performed on an opt-in voluntary group of panel members as part of Strategy Analytics AppOptix Consumer Behavior program. To explore this topic further, please contact Prabhat Agarwal at

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