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How Often Do Consumers Use Their Smartphones?

by User Not Found | Feb 17, 2017

We all know that smartphones have become essential gear for virtually everyone – and the frequency by which consumers use their smartphone is but one measure of how integral the device is to people’s everyday existence.

One measure of this engagement or use is to look at the frequency and regularity of screen “ons” each day – that is, how often smartphone users turn their screen “on” throughout the day.  For 2016 that figure is about 69 times per day with each “on” lasting a little over 4 minutes.  This translates to some 283 minutes, or about 4.7 hours each day that device is lit up. 

The pattern of use is also quite interesting – with the 4-6 pm period reflecting the height of activity where typical users are most frequently engaging with their device while the lowest period of use is from midnight - 6 am – presumably when most people are sleeping. 

This pattern illustrates the level of interaction which takes place, repeatedly, each day – though use does vary by age and gender.

With 4.7 hours per day of use, the follow-up question is - what do people do with so many views of their smartphone each day?  

 Here are some stats:

  • They perform 110 application sessions per day
  • They spend an average of 167 minutes on various applications per day (not including voice calls which adds another 23 minutes), and
  • They consume about 455 MB of data each day – in both Wi-Fi and Cellular. 

The range of activities is widespread, from simply texting to browsing, to social media and entertainment -- and more.

What is interesting is the evolving use of the smartphone for an increasing array of activities and the changing engagement patterns that we continue to observe with AppOptix, our passive big data mobile platform that observes thousands of users via a software agent that provides these insights.   

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