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ZTE Abandons Its Crowdsourcing Smartphone Initiative

by Rajeev Nair | Feb 20, 2017

ZTE cancelled its crowd funding campaign to develop an eye-tracking smartphone. The concept phone dubbed Hawkeye, managed to attract just US$ 36,000 against a target of US$ 500,000. ZTE smartphone shipments were stagnant in Q4 2016, per our latest report available here, from the Wireless Smartphone Strategy (WSS) Service.

The first prototypes of Hawkeye were displayed at CES 2017. The vendor phased out the campaign based on the feedback received from the consumers, both on Kick-starter and its own Z-Community forum. ZTE could not generate enough consumer interest with the mid-range specifications of the phone which included Snapdragon 625 processor and 3GB RAM.

Hawkeye could still make a comeback later with premium specifications but the current delay could shelve parts of the crowdsourcing process like public input on logo and software experience. 

                             ZTE hawkeye

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