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Passport, tickets, er, bluetooth…?

by User Not Found | Jul 05, 2007

With our thoughts turning to sandy beaches and summer sun (UK readers sheltering from the latest downpour may vaguely remember this) Mike Foley of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group reminds us that we should consider at least 11 different ways in which Bluetooth technology can make our holidays easier. My favourite is the invitation to pack the "discreet" bluetooth headset to prevent phone theft (I'm sorry, but there is no such thing as a discreet headset, never mind one that doesn't advertise the fact that you are carrying an expensive mobile phone somewhere on your person). Bluetooth has been a great success in terms of device shipments, but it seems people just aren't getting the hang of how it can improve their lives. I still find it a painful experience to establish connections between my phones and PCs, but the Bluetooth application I use most is Honda's integrated phone system and it is excellent, once you have got the car and the phone talking to each other. No doubt the more technocentric netizens will prefer to let their devices do the talking while they're on holiday, but personally I will draw the line at being persuaded that "always online" is a necessary part of making holidays easier. "On holiday" and "always online" just don't seem to be happy bedfellows as far as I'm concerned. I suppose I'm just too ancient to be a fully paid up member of the web 2.0 lifestyle. GPS Bluetooth has its place, but, you know what, getting lost can be fun...
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