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Apple Watch retail experience revealed- Nothing is left to chance with displaycase charging,

by Cliff Raskind | Apr 10, 2015

With battery life a key concern, Apple appears to have taken no chances with dead units in stores. Each watch holder in the drawer seen blow has its own charger, and it would not be surprising to learn that alerts are triggered if more than two units are removed at once. Such limited distribution, expertise at retail, and safeguards are likely reasons that the operator path to market was sidelined for Apple Watch. As predicted however in the WDE Insight "Apple Watch Not Yet a Slam-Dunk", Apple will need to open up the operator path to market beyond the critical launch of version 1 to maximize the future potential of the Apple Watch product line.

Strategy Analytics' detailed outlook of global Smartwatch sales, by region and for 88 countries, is also a valuable reference for to WDE subscribers and can be accessed here.

Apple Watch retail experience revealed- Nothing is left to chance with displaycase charging


CNN's visit to the Apple Store in New York to see "What it's like to shop for the Apple Watch" reveals a tightly controlled retail experience, as expected. Potential pre-orderers can visit one of 10 tables in each store and have up to 15 minutes to try on selections from a variety of configurations on display.  Those willing to part with $10k or more for an Apple Watch "Edition" (or at least appear willing and able to do so) are escorted to a more private and secure room in select Apple Store locations. High end jewelers are also said to be part of the "Edition" channel.

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