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  • WatchOS 9 is a Health Powerhouse

    by Neil Mawston | Jun 10, 2022
    Apple’s new watchOS 9 platform -- released this month -- is a health and fitness powerhouse. The AFib heart and running upgrades are particularly impress... ...
  • Smartwatches are a 3-Horse Race

    by Neil Mawston | Jun 10, 2022
    Updated research this month from our Wearables tracker shows the global smartwatch industry is now polarizing around three major software platforms. 1. Apple w... ...
  • Hail to the kings: a new power trio is ready to assume the reins in smart home camera and doorbell markets

    by Jack Narcotta | May 13, 2022
    In the next phases of the smart home surveillance camera and doorbell markets, it will be less about how sharp their hardware “eyes” are and more ab... ...
  • Apple Watch Q1 Sales Record

    by Neil Mawston | May 03, 2022
    In a record first-quarter for Apple, WatchOS shipments worldwide rose a decent +11% YoY in Q1 2022. The premium Series 7 led sales, with cheaper SE and legacy ... ...
  • Garmin Solar Smartwatch

    by Neil Mawston | May 03, 2022
    We note Garmin's new Instinct 2 Solar smartwatch is getting quite a bit of attention online. It is a rugged GPS smartwatch with extensive fitness features... ...
  • Google Pixel Watch

    by Neil Mawston | May 03, 2022
    The drumbeat of rumors for a new Google Pixel Watch is getting louder. A commercial launch may (or may not) be getting closer. The Internet now claims: ... ...
  • Fitnessband Sales Drop 7% in 2022

    by Neil Mawston | Apr 27, 2022
    Global fitnessband sales fell -21% in 2021 and are excepted to further dip -7% in 2022. Xiaomi Mi Band and others are struggling against smartwatches. What wil... ...
  • Untethered VR Headset Forecast

    by Neil Mawston | Apr 27, 2022
    The untethered virtual reality (UVR) headset market continues to deliver solid growth in 2022. Smartphone-based VR is declining sharply, as standalone now... ...
  • Indonesia is a Top-10 Smartwatch Market

    by Neil Mawston | Apr 27, 2022
    New research (here) finds smartwatch shipments in Indonesia are quietly getting bigger than many folks realize. We calculate Indonesia to be the world's 10th l... ...
  • Rugged Smartwatches

    by Neil Mawston | Apr 13, 2022
    We often get asked why there are so few rugged (toughened) smartwatches on sale worldwide today. The answer is three-fold. First, extra rugged hardware can be... ...
  • India Sells 5 Million Smartwatches

    by Neil Mawston | Apr 13, 2022
    New research (here) from our Wearables team predicts a healthy 5 million smartwatches will be sold in India this year in 2022. This makes India one of the worl... ...
  • Smartwatch Sales to Grow 19% in 2022

    by Neil Mawston | Apr 13, 2022
    We forecast global smartwatch sales will grow a healthy +19% in 2022. Despite Covid, inflation and wars, the smartwatch industry will still have a good year. D... ...
  • HarmonyOS Grabs 4% Smartwatch Share

    by Neil Mawston | Mar 31, 2022
    HarmonyOS -- a rival to Wear OS and watchOS -- hit a record high of 4% global smartwatch shipments marketshare in the second half of 2021. Coming from zer... ...
  • Are fitnessbands on the final lap?

    by Neil Mawston | Mar 31, 2022
    New research (here) from our Wearables (WDE) team shows fitnessband shipments slumped -40% YoY worldwide in the final quarter of 2021. The fitband market is ta... ...
  • Huawei is Back!

    by Neil Mawston | Mar 31, 2022
    Huawei may have taken a knock in smartphones, but it is alive and kicking in wearables... New research this week from our Wearables (WDE) team shows Huawei ove... ...
  • Huawei Watch to Add WeChat Reply

    by Neil Mawston | Mar 17, 2022
    When you think "Huawei", you think "smartphone"... Few people realize Huawei is actually a very popular smartwatch brand -- among the top-5 worldwide. Hu... ...
  • Xiaomi Watch S1 Active

    by Neil Mawston | Mar 17, 2022
    Good to see Xiaomi this week promoting two important smartwatch models to its growing wearables portfolio. The Watch S1 has been on sale already sinc... ...
  • Ray-Ban Stories Smartglasses Expand into Europe

    by Neil Mawston | Mar 17, 2022
    We note this week that Ray-Ban Stories smartglasses are quietly expanding their retail footprint across more countries in Europe. First launched in 6 mark... ...
  • Fitbit Moves Fast to Recall Ionic Smartwatches with burn hazard potential

    by David Kerr | Mar 03, 2022
    On March 2, Fitbit voluntarily recalled Ionic smartwatches sold between 2017 and 2021 due to over 115 reports of overheating and subsequent burn hazards. The ... ...
  • MWC 2022 Preview: Shaping the World of Work in the New Normal

    by Gina Luk | Feb 25, 2022
    MWC Barcelona 2022 is fast approaching, bringing together the latest developments in mobile alongside today’s most influential visionaries. Under the MWC ... ...

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