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MWS @ Mobile World Congress (MWC 2018) Day 3 – GLOMO Awards, Alibaba Cloud added an AI Twist, Biometric Authentication and Smart Boots!

by Gina Luk | Feb 28, 2018

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 28th Feb – Day 3 Blog

The GSMA announced the winners for the Global Mobile Awards 2018 (GLOMO Awards) and the winners of the Best Mobile Innovation for Enterprise were SK Telecom and uLikekorea for LiveCare. Congratulations!

Alibaba Cloud expanded its European push and previewed its cloud enterprise network offering – Alibaba launched eight products ranging from big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to infrastructure, security and private cloud solutions at MWC 2018.

 ·       On the infrastructure side, Alibaba will offer high performance supercomputing clusters for  European customers and April will see the new launch of Alibaba’s Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN).

 ·       For big data and AI, Alibaba’s products rolled out to European customers include machine learning-powered image search and a business chatbot.

 ·       And then there is also Dataphin - described by Alibaba as a ‘one-stop big data PaaS’, the product offers data integration, warehouse modelling, identity and profile distilling and asset management.

Also included in the launch was a new SaaS-based vulnerability discovery service, as well as Apsara Stack, which offers a scalable and built-in hybrid cloud services platform and launches internationally with adoption from more than 120 enterprise customers.

It has certainly been a long road for Alibaba, with its experience with Asian-based customers - – Philips China, Bank of Nanjing and Air Asia to name three – has facilitated a European push. The Mobile World Congress is a great opportunity for them to refresh their European strategy and consider how they can make an increasing contribution to the digital transformation of enterprises in this market from different sectors with their offerings and expertise. Alibaba’s cloud is vying fiercely with AWS and Microsoft! And the company alongside its partners is targeting 10 million customers.

According to a United Nations reports, a worker dies from a work-related accident or disease every 15 seconds. Intellinium, a French start-up, was founded to improve worker safety by blending IoT technology with traditional personal protective equipment. Intellinum worked with Sierra Wireless to develop a smart shoe, which allows workers to send and receive messages handsfree, without the need for a separate smartphone. Alerts can be sent using Intellinium’s force sensor membrane built into the toe of the boot and connected to Sierra Wireless’ AirPrime HL series cellular module. During an emergency, a worker can acknowledge receiving a message to evacuate by touching a toe to the sensor. Or he can quickly send a “mayday” alert if he’s injured. Built-in sensors detect falls or shocks, immediately notifying the employer or a colleague of the worker’s location to enable faster, more accurate response.

Figure 1 –  Geolocation and worker safety with “Smart Boots”

                                                                                                  Source: Strategy Analytics

Another notable trend at MWC 2018 has been the focus from Samsung and some of the other major mobile players on improved forms of biometric authentication, with Samsung releasing a much-improved Iris Scanner as part of the new Galaxy S9 range. It’s certainly a really positive move to see this focus on identity authentication at this year’s show, with a notable shift at this year’s event from the hype surrounding virtual and augmented reality and voice-controlled smart homes to far more realistic and practical concerns around security, biometrics and the real-world use cases of superfast 5G networking tech.

 Figure 2 - Biometric Authentication


                                                                                                                Source: Samsung

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