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BBC Introduces ‘Share by SMS’ – If only I could remember people’s phone numbers!

by User Not Found | Mar 16, 2010

Every now and then I read something online that I want to share with other people. The BBC is one of the websites I visit most using my mobile, so I was quite excited when reading an article I noticed the option to share it via SMS. dsc07837.JPG Thinking this was a great little feature, I decided to give it a go, and clicked on the ‘SMS’ icon. Unfortunately I was disappointed at what greeted me. In order to share the article, I was taken to another webpage, where I needed to enter my friend’s number. dsc07840.JPG Suddenly, sharing this story got a little complicated. I don’t know about you, but the days of remembering people’s phone numbers are long gone for me. I wasn’t compelled enough to go and look up their number in my phone book, write it down, and return to the webpage, so I just gave up. What I would have liked was to see some kind of integration between the browser and my SMS application, where clicking on ‘SMS’ opened up a new text message with the link to the story, and then I could just send the message to my friend (or friends) who I thought would be interested. So while I have to give credit to the BBC for introducing this initiative, my engagement will be minimal unless it is integrated with other phone applications, or I can start remembering people’s phone numbers… - Paul Brown

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