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China Watch: Smartphones - Why China Will Impact Us All

by Richard Guppy | May 19, 2016

Whether your company is an operator, a smartphone competitor, a components supplier, a distributor, a content creator, an IPR holder, or in fact anywhere on the smartphone value chain, this revolution will impact you.  China Watch: Smartphones analyzes the culture, the marketing elements, the strategies, the SWOT and the prospects for 16 key Chinese Smartphone OEMs as they seek global expansion.  SA clients can watch a replay of the recent webinar introducing these companies here.  


Bringing out a new package of reports on Chinese Smartphone OEMs in collaboration with Linda Sui at SA's Wireless Smartphone Strategies program, has taught me something I should have realized all along: every one of these many companies is different, despite coming from the same initial melting pot that is China.

It shouldn't be a surprise.  After all, when scientists train their telescopes on distant solar systems, they find that there are as many variations from ours as there are solar systems.  Same here: China is a fundamentally different market from all others, and so the Smartphone OEMs that grew up there are also fundamentally different.  The thing is this though: while distant solar systems are not coming our way, the Chinese Smartphone OEMs definitely are coming way, outside China.

The reasons for this are twofold.  First, the China market is maturing, so the amazing growth in-market of the past 3 years must now be found elsewhere.  Second, the Chinese economy is slowing, pushing all Chinese companies and political forces to address export markets more than in the past.

The enabling factors at play are Android and System-on-Chip components, enabling Chinese OEMs to use the same platforms they used in Shenzhen for entry-level devices for the China market,and export them in much more sophisticated form to international markets.

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