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Lenovo-Motorola: Are Rollables Really Rolling?

by Abhilash Kumar | Mar 01, 2023

TechInsights got the chance to visit Lenovo-Motorola booth this MWC 2023. After a lot of foldables-foldables every where we saw a rollable concept phone. Lenovo-Motorola showcased its rollable concept phone and laptop. It’s just a concept phone/laptop as of now given lot of refinement and product works needs to be done but looked really cool catching a lot of eyeballs from the show.

Here’s our quick thoughts on it.

  1. Lenovo-Motorola rollable phone:
    1. It has a 6.5 inch display in unrolled form and around 5 inch display in rolled form.
    2. As the device unrolls, the thin delicate looking screen comes out from a thick frame. which makes us doubt on the durability of the device.
    3. Another important thing is the time it takes to unroll making it a little frustrating for person using it in case of an emergency or hurry.
    4. Probably, Lenovo-Motorola is also thinking on these grounds and that’s why they have no recent plans to release this form factor.


  1. Lenovo-Motorola rollable laptop:
    1. It’s a normal laptop (12.7 inch screen size) in rolled form and when it unrolls, the screen comes out vertically giving it an aspect ratio similar to smartphone with screen size of 15.3 inch.
    2. It’s possibly a good form factor for reading pdfs but other than that we don’t see much of the use case of it.
    3. Similar problem as with the phone of taking time to roll over to the maximum.

Despite the company calling it a rollable, we may beg to differ, as the flexible phone screen is just rolling towards the back of the hinge, and it does not appear to be rolling up like a newspaper. This may (for now) be a roller phone or roller laptop, rather than a full rollable. Still, we like the concept, and it is a cool development from Lenovo-Motorola with longterm potential.

Video of the rollable concept is here.

Exhibit 1: Lenovo-Motorola Rollable Concept Phone
Lenovo-Motorola Foldable
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