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Xiaomi Mix 4: Brand Uplift is the Top Priority

by Yiwen Wu | Aug 11, 2021

Xiaomi unveiled the new Mix 4 series on August 10th, 2021, roughly 3 years since Mix 3 series hit the market.

Same as its predecessor, high screen-to-body ratio remains as a key differentiator of Mix 4. This time, CUP (Camera Under Panel) technology and UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology make it a step further. Powered by Qualcomm 888 Plus chipset and featuring strong rear camera setups and 120w fast-charging capability, the new model will first hit China market on August 16th, 2021.

Though the hardware specification is impressive, the device is irrelevant with Xiaomi’s long-bearing proposition on cost-to-performance ratio. The starting price of Mix 4 is RMB 4999 (USD770) at retail, roughly 50% more expensive than that of Mix 3 series. The rising component cost have certain explanation power. Xiaomi’s ambition on brand uplift is more important driver behind. Mix 4 series is clearly eyeing the share from Huawei’s fallout in premium segment especially in China, and it is set to challenge Samsung’s current dominance in premium Android camp in overseas markets.

The high price tag might disappoint some Mi fans. We consider it is something that Xiaomi must do if it wants to move a step further in global smartphone market. Xiaomi ranked second in global smartphone market by volume in Q2 2021, and it is aiming to be the number 1 within three years. It is not an easy task. Though Xiaomi is making progress in global presence from channel perspective and its low-cost Redmi series is largely popular, lack of a truly inspiring hero model is a drawback. Such hero model is essential for branding and for halo effect. It has been an important pillar behind Samsung’s and Huawei’s success in Android camp.

Our latest quarterly insight report on Xiaomi was published. WSS client could access it via this link.

Xiaomi Mix 4 -  smaller size

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