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Will Starlink Work on your Smartphone?

by Neil Mawston | Mar 11, 2021

We note Starlink (Elon Musk) this week is finally ramping up its "space internet" for the rural home or remote workplace across the US, UK and elsewhere.

You can now buy 50-150Mbps of home Wi-Fi for roughly US$120 a month (in a beta trial) in the UK.

Starlink wants to beam internet data to not just your home, but eventually your boat, plane, truck or moving car.

If Starlink delivers satellite Wi-Fi (by laser) to your fixed home or portable car, will it ever go mobile in your smartphone?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, you can connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi signal beamed down from Starlink to a home satellite dish 

No, that satellite dish (receiver) today is roughly the size of a large pizza and will not be miniaturized to the size of a thumbnail (inside a phone) for perhaps a decade or more.

So -- for now -- Starlink "space internet" is a home or car play.

Smartphone makers can rest easy.

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