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Image Sensors Keeping Sony Afloat in 2019

by Boris Metodiev | Feb 09, 2020

The slump of Sony’s mobile business continues, and in Q4 2019 the company declined -28% YoY in volume and -38% YoY in value.

2019 has been pretty horrendous for the Japanese vendor. Total 2019 shipments were down to less than half of the previous year, and less than a tenth from what the used to be just five years ago.

Sony has become overly dependent on the home market of Japan, which accounts for about half of its overall shipments. The Japan-only launch of the new Xperia 8 in October, 2019, contributed to the company climbing up to number three in the ranking of the largest vendors in Japan.

Sony’s mobile business is losing money at such a rate that many question whether it is worth continuing manufacturing smartphones! Problem is that abandoning smartphones will most likely affect the image-sensor division, which has been a money-making juggernaut for the company. Sony is absorbing losses in phones, to make profits in components.

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