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OPPO Launched RENO 3 Series Today, Their first 5G Models Available in China

by Yiwen Wu | Dec 26, 2019

OPPO launched the new Reno 3 series in Hangzhou China on December 26th 2019. The new series is the vendor’s first 5G models hitting domestic market. Our analysts from Wireless Smartphone Strategy participate in the launch event.

  • Reno 3 is positioned as a high-end to premium device, powered by MediaTek Dimensity 1000 chipset. It adopts water-drop design and comes with 6.4 inch rigid AMOLED display, in-display fingerprint sensor, 4025mAh battery, 64MP quad rear cameras, 32MP front camera, and 8GB+128GB / 12GB+128GB memory combination. The retail price starts from RMB 3399 (USD485).
  • Reno 3 Pro is positioned as the new hero device, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G. Different from Reno 3, the pro version adopts punch-hole design and its specifications are upgraded to 6.4-inch flexible AMOLED display with 90Hz refresh rate, 5x hybrid zooming capability on rear camera, 8GB+128GB / 12GB+256GB memory combination. Its retail price starts from RMB 3999 (USD571).

In addition to 5G, video is the key differentiator of these two new models. The marketing story covers the full timeline from video capturing to video sharing. More specifically, OPPO emphasizes the video stabilization capability at capturing time, auto-editing tool “so-loop” app at creating time, high-quality AMOLED display at consumption time, and 5G-enabled speed at sharing time. We view video is a key use case for 5G smartphones in 5G era and our forecast shows that mobile video adoption rate will continue to increase in the next five years from consumer side. OPPO is taking a safe bet here.

We are impressed by the industry design of the device. Its lightness and thinness make the new Reno 3 series stand out from the competition as a 5G device. Meanwhile, the device’s battery life is also promising. Based on different task type, the device could automatically choose the most suitable networks (4G/5G) to balance the speed and power consumption.

Reno 3 series will be available from Dec 31st 2019, except Reno 3 Pro (12GB+256GB version) which will hit the market in Jan 10th 2020. To boost Reno 3 series, we recommend OPPO to further sharpen its 5G stories. Given the current 5G tariff, it remains to be a question whether faster-download speed, HD video call, multi-angle broadcasting, and cloud gaming will be compelling enough to encourage mass market users to switch to more expensive 5G network in China. In addition to that, we recommend OPPO to further increase its marketing efforts on brand-up lift. To build up OPPO’s brand equity in more premium segments will take time and efforts, but it will be beneficial for the vendor in the longer run, especially in 5G era.

Reno 3 Pro-light

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