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Gigaset Volks Smartphone -- For the People!

by Neil Mawston | Oct 06, 2017

Gigaset, of Germany, is quietly taking another stab at conquering the Western European smartphone market.

Our WSS (Smartphones) service has noticed an increase in several new Android smartphone models launched by Gigaset in recent months. They are, so far, mostly targeted at the German market. Examples include the GS170H, GS270 and GS270+.

Gigaset is one of the world's leading cordless phone makers -- but demand for cordless phones is shrinking. So, the firm is (rightly) diversifying into smartphones.

However, Gigaset has tried to attack the global smartphone market at least twice before in recent years -- and failed spectacularly.

What's different this time? Third time lucky?!

Based on what we've seen so far, there is little to wow us. The new models this year are anonymous Android rectangles with similar features to most rival devices in the same price-bands. Their retail partners have even resorted to marketing gimmicks. For example, Bild is currently promoting the GS270 as a "Volks Phone" -- for the people. Like Volkswagen cars, but in smartphones!

Germany is a crowded, mature smartphone market, dominated heavily by Samsung, Apple and Huawei. Germany is a very tough country to crack. Gigaset is facing an uphill battle here and needs to look at other regions for growth. For example, Transsion, a Chinese competitor, has exploded +5000% in Africa in the past 4 years -- Gigaset should take note.

Gigaset Volks-Smartphone GS270, Gigaset GS270 plus

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