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LG V30 May Help in the US Smartphone Market

by User Not Found | Aug 08, 2017

Rumors of LG's V20 successor have appeared online this week, with the new device allegedly called V30, trying to make an impression with some improvements from its predecessor. Bigger curve-edged screen and higher resolution seem to be some of the features that LG will try to grab the attention of consumers.

The new premium device will be LG's answer to Samsung's Galaxy S8 in an effort to increase market presence in the US and globally. According to our US Smartphone Vendor Market Share report LG climbed to number 5 in the unlocked smartphone market share in Q2 2017.

The new V30 device, if true, can help LG climb up even higher in the ranking in the competitive US market.

Exhibit 1 - A rumored image of LG V30

LG V30 leak (1)
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  1. Boris Metodiev | Aug 09, 2017
    Good question. The V30 smartphone is an evolutionary high-end device trying to lift LG's profile in the US, whereas ZTE and Motorola have stronger positions in the low and mid-end of the market. According to our Consumer Sentiment Analytics report from July 2017, LG's has gone up in the Consumer Ratings Index ranking in the US and has the highest sentiment increase of all devices, a trend the company would like to maintain.
  2. David Kerr | Aug 08, 2017
    Is the V30 design upgrade enough to change retailer point of sales perceptions? What does the LG brand mean to US consumers and how can LG break through the clutter given strong competition from ZTE and a renewed push from Motorola?