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New Open Source OS from Google to Replace Android and Chrome OS One Day?

by Ville-Petteri Ukonaho | Aug 15, 2016

Android is currently the most popular smartphone OS and is forecasted to continue its growth going further.

However, Google is found developing new open source operating system, project name Fuchsia. The new OS is built from the ground up by Google and is the first OS from Google that is not using the popular Linux as the kernel. 

Linux kernel is not ideal for every situation and is found to be problematic especially in the case of embedded devices like car dashboards or GPS units or other IoT devices as full-blown desktop kernels like Linux impact performance and cause other issues. 

This time Google has used Magenta kernel which is designed to scale much better, enabling it to work on embedded devices, smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers as well as IoT devices. In addition to Magenta, Google is using Flutter for the user interface a selection that points strongly to the Material UI direction. Google has also used their own Dart as the primary programming language.

The new OS is designer to run on 32-bit and 64-bit ARM processors and 64-bit PC processors and is available for anyone to download and compile due its open source nature.

Fuchsia could potentially one day replace Android and Chrome OS in all Google's devices uniting all their hardware resources under one OS. This would be the huge change for the entire ecosystem as instead of closing down Android, they would opt completely new OS that replaces Android (and Chromium) as their primary OS for all devices.

Alternative option is that Google shall continue running all OSs parallel to each other and use the new OS only to devices that require better performance than Linux based systems can offer (similarly as Samsung uses Tizen). The new OS could just be designed to power its embedded devices like OnHub router and Google Home.

Whatever the case, Strategy Analytics continues to follow the progress and our clients shall get up to date analysis on the situation through our services.

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