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Huawei Smartphone Models Increasingly Challenging Samsung in Greece as of Q1 2017

by Juha Winter | Jun 28, 2017

Greece is one of Western Europe’s smaller, mature smartphone markets, and despite recurring economic turmoil, the country is seen as having significant growth potential for smart mobile devices and services. With a relatively low smartphone user population penetration of just 40 percent, the lowest in Western Europe, upgrading to smartphones and associated data subscriptions and services represents a major opportunity in the coming years. Even so, after a couple of years of mild growth, Greece’s economy is reportedly again sliding into recession. In Q1 2017, there was a hefty drop in the shipments of smartphones into the country, particularly compared to the previous quarter but also year-on-year.

According to recent research published by Strategy Analytics’ Smartphone Model Tracker (SMT) service, the market leader in smartphones in Greece is Samsung, although Huawei is ever more clearly making inroads into the country. This is evidenced by the success of the very popular Huawei P9 Lite as well as the Y3 II and Y5 II models in Q1 2017. Furthermore, the now previous-generation flagship Huawei P9 saw strong demand as well. Samsung, however, remains well positioned with its top-selling Galaxy J Series models.

Facing more economic pressure than other countries in the southern part of Western Europe, Greece has somewhat special market characteristics, unique to the country. Expensive, high-end smartphone models are not as popular as in other countries, and some local brands like MLS (Making Life Simple) offered by the major carrier OTE (40 percent of which is owned by Deutsche Telekom) are increasingly popular. This appears to be due to their good perceived value for money and some unique selling points such as better accuracy navigation services. Also Vodafone offers its own branded models, some of which are getting some serious traction in the market.

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