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  • Nokia Becomes Number One Cellphone Vendor in Mexico

    by Neil Mawston | May 11, 2012
    Mobile handset shipments experienced a slowdown in the United States and Canada in Q1 2012, while volume growth in Brazil and Mexico well out-paced the global... ...
  • Is Samsung Galaxy S3 an Apple iPhone Killer?

    by Neil Mawston | May 04, 2012
    After much hype and speculation, the Samsung Galaxy S3 superphone was finally introduced for its global launch in London, UK, on May 3rd, 2012. Running Androi... ...
  • Will CDMA Lumia Phones Save Nokia from Symbian Sunset in China?

    by Linda Sui | Mar 29, 2012
    Nokia today announced CDMA version of the Lumia phone, 800c exclusively for China market to be available in Q2 2012. It features a 3.7-inch touchscreen and 1.4G... ...
  • Global Touchscreen Handset Shipments Grew 70% in 2011

    by Linda Sui | Mar 16, 2012
    Global touchscreen handset shipments surged 70% in 2011. The touchphone sub-segment is growing 6 times faster than the overall market. It is undoubtedly a fast-... ...
  • Nokia & Microsoft WP7 Rumors: Who Can Benefit?

    by User Not Found | Dec 22, 2010
    Nokia has a healthy working relationship with Microsoft, and the partnership has been growing over the past few years. Recent initiatives include: Microsoft ... ...
  • Samsung Overtakes HTC in Android Shipments

    by User Not Found | Dec 08, 2010
    In recent years, the titans of the handset industry have been surprised by the success of newcomers. First, Apple – a computer vendor – shook up the smartphone ... ...
  • Sprint ID: A Starter Pack for Android Newbies!

    by David Kerr | Oct 12, 2010
    At CTIA in San Francisco last week, away from the fanfare around LTE rollouts and the next dozen tablet devices (ok, I exaggerate a little), Sprint had an an... ...
  • Enterprise Mobility: The Next Frontier!

    by David Kerr | Sep 23, 2010
    September 23, 2010 While there has understandably been a lot of attention given to consumer apps post iPhone and the plethora of application stores that have e... ...
  • Handset Product Planning: Less Google, More Internet

    by User Not Found | Sep 10, 2010
    Android sales have already surpassed the iPhone and with each passing day, its building further momentum with new announcements and launches. The launch of... ...
  • AT&T Ramps Up Android Portfolio

    by User Not Found | Aug 11, 2010
    It may be the exclusive iPhone carrier in the US, but AT&T is also becoming an attractive option for consumers looking to buy an Android handset. Though thi... ...

    by Neil Mawston | Aug 04, 2010
    Blackberry has finally introduced its much-awaited OS 6 upgrade with the launch of the Torch 3G smartphone. It will initially be sold exclusively at AT&T... ...
  • Apple’s Antenna Saga

    by User Not Found | Jul 16, 2010
    Those following the “Antennagate” saga no doubt tuned in to reports from the press conference held by Apple earlier today. As Apple explained during the event... ...

    by Neil Mawston | Jul 06, 2010
      Steve Ballmer and Microsoft have shut down the Kin social phone project, due to weak sales. An understandable decision; we estimate the Kin captured les... ...
  • Profiling Bluetooth Handsets

    by User Not Found | Jun 11, 2010
    Bluetooth profile implementation in handsets is a pretty dry subject. But with Bluetooth capability available in six out of every ten handsets sold worldwide th... ...

    by Neil Mawston | Jun 07, 2010
    The Apple iPhone 4 and iOS4 finally arrived today. After months of leaks, there were no major surprises about the hardware, software or services. There are up t... ...
  • Lower Smartphone Data Plans Smart Business for AT&T

    by David Kerr | Jun 04, 2010
          The inevitable movement to tiered pricing which started with Verizon Wireless acknowledging its plans to do so for LTE and has been a... ...
  • From Micro to Max? — The Long Tail of Asia Microvendors

    by Neil Mawston | Jun 04, 2010
    The global handset industry continues to grow and fragment. Due to platform facilitators like MediaTek, manufacturing a 2G cellphone is easier than ever. These ... ...
  • A New World Order in Connected Devices?

    by David Kerr | May 20, 2010
      May you live in interesting times as the old Chinese proverb goes. Well in the information, communication and entertainment industry we certainly do. ... ...
  • The Great North American Market Share Shuffle

    by User Not Found | May 12, 2010
    From a total handset volume perspective, not much has happened in a year in North America. Indeed, our findings show that the region’s growth during the first q... ...

    by Neil Mawston | May 07, 2010
    The big two Chinese vendors, Huawei and ZTE, have initially focused their handset activities on emerging markets, such as ChIndia, Africa and Latin America. Ena... ...

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