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China Smartphone Market is Losing Diversity

by Woody Oh | Nov 09, 2018

China Smartphone Market has recently lost its momentum, and recorded the negative smartphone shipment growth for five consecutive quarters, and it is expected that Q4 2018 would not be an exception.

In addition, China Smartphone market is losing its diversity as only Big Five OEM's, Huawei, Oppo, vivo, Xiaomi and Apple captured almost 90% of the market with 1.4B population while all other Non-Big-Five-Players are forgotten or turning their eyes on other countries for survival.

Above all, most of local smartphone players except HOVX are losing its momentum, which would make the situation worse. However, the loss of diversity in addition of the declining local vendors would be able to give some vendors, such as Samsung, a chance to survive with its revolutionary smartphone form-factor because Human Being would love to experience something innovative and new.

You can check out those China-specific points in our report, linked below.

China Smartphone Vendor & OS Marketshare: Q3 2018

China Smartphone Market Downturn
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