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Galaxy Note 7, and What to Expect from Galaxy S8

by Woody Oh | Aug 04, 2016

Samsung unveiled Galaxy Note 7 (skipping Note 6) at its official event in New York on August 2nd, 2016, its flagship smartphone for H2 2016. While there are some people who speak about little hardware change on SoC / Memory / Battery / Camera against Galaxy S7 flagships, we would like to highlight FIVE noteworthy selling-points (except S-Pen) on Galaxy Note 7 as below.

1. Weight & Width reduction: Galaxy Note 7 weighs a bit lighter than its predecessors. Note 4 and Note 5 were 176g and 171g respectively while Note 7 weighs 169g even after implementing IP68 water / dust resistance and the advanced S-Pen feature. It will help with the portability when carrying out for both personal and business purposes.

Also the width of Galaxy Note 7 gets reduced by 2.2mm and 4.7mm against Note 5 and Note 4 respectively. It will enhance the users' comfortable feeling when gripping the device, and will appeal to the female consumers more than ever. The display sizes for all three models are the same at 5.7 inch.

2. Power Saving Mode with Screen Resolution Change: Interestingly Samsung is giving the users the customization options to change the resolution of the display under the battery menu -- FHD on Power saving mode and HD on Super Power saving mode -- so that users would be able to select the lower resolution except when they are enjoying the games / VR-related contents / Videos. This way, the battery time would be getting longer even though Note 7 is coming with 3,500mAH capacity. Also this option might be the precursor for Galaxy S8 to be likely to come with 4K UHD display panel next year.

3. Heavier Security: The sturdier security solutions implemented on Galaxy Note 7 through Iris scanner, Secure Folder and Knox platform will help to protect the users' private data even when dark groups are trying to hack your phones. The security-centered functions are getting more important at the time when security is regarded as one of the differentiating factors today.

4. Colorful Marketing : It is reported that Note 7 comes with four colors in Q3 / Q4 2016, including Coral Blue. As the preference for the device color is getting crucial globally, the color marketing for people-by-people and country-by-country will be more intensified among leading smartphone vendors for more market share.

5. AMOLED / Mobile HDR : It remains to be seen to check the quality of this feature hands-on, but HDR (High Dynamic Range) implemented on Note 7 is expected to give the viewers more richful, vivid and realistic viewing experience under the daylight and low-light environments.

We think that Samsung has been focusing on the enhanced user experience rather than the specifications competition with rivals since Galaxy S7 flagship, so we believe that the upcoming Galaxy S8 will be fully designed to cater to what market / consumers want, and to offer the better user experience while some specifications upgrades on SoC, display, memory and camera are expected.

The further in-detail analysis on Galaxy Note 7 is viewed at this link.

Galaxy Note 7 with HDR
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